Video of Universal Mobile Phone WindShield Mount Car Holder from

Video of Universal Mobile Phone WindShield Mount Car Holder from

1 minute to mount on the windshield
Anti-hot temperature
Easy to bend the bracket arm at any angle you want
360 angles turn around
Compact design
Chassis paste included
Universal holder for Mobile Phones/GPS/PDA/PSP/I-POD/I-PHONE/MP3/MP3 Players

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A Mini Gift: USB Mini Cooler Fridge at

Since my childhood, I’m always looking forward to have a mini fridge. I can carry it wherever I go.

Everyday when you turn on your computer, you can find out so many new products information appears in the internet. Don’t be surprised. Because with the progress of the times and development of technology,innovators use their wisdom to create new products daily and wish the product of their labor can meet rising demand. Most people think creating a new thing is very difficult, and I agree with them. But sometimes we slightly change the existing one and we can get some new findings.

When I was young, every time I attempted to open the fridge, how I wish I could make it small. The huge fridge stood in my way and I wouldn’t take what I would like to eat. I hated the huge fridge. When I grew a little older, I could open it freely. But I again hoped that I could carry my fridge wherever I went, because I always could get cold drink from my fridge. But because it’s a big one, my hopes were all over. So I’m always looking forward to have a mini one.

Last month I got a gift from my friend and she told me it’s a new gadget. I could hardly wait to look at what it was. Thanks God! That was a mini fridge. I was so excited. Its name was USB Mini Cooler Fridge with Display and Clock .This USB mini fridge could not only keep drink cold, it could heat something. Small size and portable, with LCD display, the mini fridge could show the degree, and exact day time. It could keep coffee/tea/drink warm to 60-80°C by 5 minutes and cool to 10-15°C by 5 minutes. Ion polishing technology was introduced to metal plate, fully improve interface, and the quality isolating material could enhance cool and warm effect. It is perfect. As a special gift, I think it is a best choice for you.

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Questions to be Asked before You Buy a Bag for Your Laptop

There is such a huge selection of different laptop computer bags that we are always bound to be overwhelmed by the choices offered. In order to find one that is just right for us, we have to consider some important things.

14 inch laptop case bag pouch with dual zipper closure

There is such a huge selection of different laptop computer bags that we are always bound to be overwhelmed by the choices offered. In order to find one that is just right for us, we have to consider some important questions.
– Are you particular about latest fashion or designer bags?
– Are you looking for a bag to hold things other than your laptop?

– Would you like to use a backpack or a briefcase for your laptop?

First, you have to decide on the style. Such as backpacks, briefcases and bags. The style of your laptop bag is important, especially if you travel a lot. For instance, if you transit to work daily by train and are aware that you cannot hold on to a briefcase by hand for long, then it is wise to look for bags with shoulder strap.

Second, you might also want to decide on the material of the bag. You might prefer the cheaper nylon models or might decide to get a more stylish leather laptop bag. Once you have decided on the style and material of your laptop bag it’s time to move on to the next thing that you should consider.

Another thing to consider before buying a laptop computer bag is to check whether it includes padding to ensure that your laptop is protected properly. A laptop bag without padding can damage your laptop.

Finally, it is your turn to make the final decision, after these questions, you have got your idea, yes? If not, you can check, maybe their services and products may satisfy you completely.

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Special Gift for Children’s Day from Trait-Tech

15 years ago,  I was a child, on Children’s Day when I received my father’s gift Mini Helicopter with Gyro, I know being a child is so happy.

15 years later, Now being a father, I know what kind of gift will bring happiness and joy to my child. And I really like the smile on his face when he recived my Mini Helicopter with Gyro.

Today is an unusual day. Being a mom or dad, do you preparing something special for your lovely children?

Maybe you have done this. Maybe you are now confused with it. No matter you have done this or not. It does not matter. Because this one will bring more joy and happiness to your children and it will accompany your children for a long time.

SYMA S032 Metal 3-Channels RC Mini Helicopter with Gyro(S032)SYMA S032 Metal 3-Channels RC Mini Helicopter with Gyro(S032)

This one will enhance the relationship between you and your children. Moreover, it is not only a toy but the embodiment of intelligence. By playing it, your children can express their imagination. They will think over why it can fly high and if they can fly higher by owning their dreams. Futhermore, this toy can exercise the eyes of your children and can refresh their mind.

So if you have bought something for your lovely boy or girl, maybe you can try this one which will bring something special atomosphere to your family.

If you have not bought anything for your children, this one may be the best choice. Believe it or not, just try.

Bob from Trait-tech.


What can we do for your Sumsung i9100?

The Windshield Mount easily attaches to the interior of your windshield just above the dashboard. The flexible gooseneck pedestal enable you to position your Mobile phone device at just the right distance and angle for convenient viewing and operation. Quickly detach and secure the mount when transferring your phone from one vehicle to another.

My regular customers and new comers, welcome to Trait-tech, since we have been specialized in electronics for nearly 6 years.As the No. 1 wholesaler, exporter and drop shipper of all type of mobile phone accessories and computer accessories directly from factory, we are in strength of 6 traits: fashionable design, various styles, fast delivery, excellent quality, best service and pretty competitive price. Nearly 10000 workers and 50 experts of our R&D department, we sell our products to more than 190 countries every day.

But as for my Samsung customers, we are long time considering a question: what can we do for you, especially for the users with Samsung I9100?

Now, the answer is finally out, please look at the picture as follow:

Do you know what this is?

Yes, you got it. It is our newest spare parts of Samsung i9100—-Specialized Window Mounts Securely Holder for Samsung i9100

So how does it work?

Follow me, please.

Ok, you may ask does it have some Special Features?

The answer is totally yes.

Installs in Seconds & Requires no Tools
Move from Car to Car & Easy Move from Car to Car & Easy Removal to Stop Theft
Install Vertical or Horizontal Install Vertical or Horizontal for Landscape Viewing
Quick Push Button Release
Special for Samsung i9100 console playback with movie in car

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