Look, who can make the impossible thing to be reality?

Have you ever think to carry a fridge around with you everywhere when in the hot summer days? Do you want your cooling drinks always keep cooling? When you are playing game around your computer do you want to drink a cooling cola without miss any action of your game? You may think this is all impossible, but with the USB Fridge, evething is possible now. In trait-tech you will find a new interested products – mini USB fridge. It is powered by USB so it does not require any battery for charging ,we can charge it by plugging into the USB port of our computer or laptop, therefore it can be carried conveniently around. it can hold one can of cold drink at a time, and it has internal light system in the form of LED light and it can show some detail information on the outside. By now do you think it is fatastic?


Now you may think it is really a must-have computer accessory in summer. It is small and exquisite, it is convenient and practical, it complete with stylish retro design and it looks cool on anydesk. And here by using this mini usb fridge you can not only enjoy cold drinks anytime, but also heat drinks. What’s more, no driver needed, The cute gadgets Will work with any PC or Macintosh. Amazing? This USB Mini Fridge works on any device with a USB port. It is very convenient. It is also a great USB GIFT which can be send to your friends. Move? For more details please contact with Linda.

Otherwise, as a China Consumer Electronics wholesale Center, trait-tech can always help you to make your dream come true, once you have a close look at trait-tech,you will discover the surprise!

Linda from trait-tech.com


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