Keep your life away from the potantial damage at

To keep your life more safe, we need do from the smallest things, just like using a mobilephone charger wall holder, which will make your life safe and convenient!

This world is filled with uncertain element.

When we are a kid, we are so puny, that our parents and grandma always like to warn us away from the rivers in case of being drowning, away from the fire in case of fire burn and so on. So though we are young, we know that there are kinds of possible danger around us. You may be crashed by the coming car, you house may suffer from fire, your doctor may tell you that you get a cancer someday, now even someone expect that the earth will be over soon! Though we do not want any extra damages, we face them everyday. Kinds of conflicts between different countries, the punishment from our nature like the earthquake, the volcano, the tsunami……all of these make us nervous, upset and with much pressure. And I even met a disaster in person

It was Monday, I still remembered. when I went on with my work that day, my mobilephone suddenly rang, got the call, a man told me loudly and urgently: you house are fired! Oh, my god, it was really a grievous news. I came back to my house at once, when I arrived, it had been a big fire, the firemen with their tools managed to put out the fire. Finally, the fire been put out, however, my loss was big! I lost my beloved iPhone 4, the gifts from my friends, my precious photos with my family and friends……And the cause of the fire, is just because of nonstandard charging! I just charged my iPhone 4 without using of a mobilephone charger wall holder! It was really a bad day for me! However, luckily, with the help of my friends, I lived in a new house, and I got a gift from one of my friends in the celebration of living into the new house. Opening it, I found a brand new mobilephone charger wall holder! It was the best gift I ever have received! It can be used in many places, even when there is no place to put your mobilephone,the wall holder has one to hold your mobilephone, and you do not have to worry about the possible fire caused by the process of charging!

The world is really filled with much uncertain damage, and what we can do is just do the best to protect ourselves away from it!

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