[TRAIT-TECH] We Lead Others Copy

Universal Mobile Phone WindShield Mount Car Holder with Suction Cup lead other mobile phone car holder copy. Flexible width for side grip from 40 mm to 110 mm, adjust to hold any size of phones/PDA/MP4 or MP3.

Last weekend, I dated my friends and rented a car in order to drive around the city Shenzhen to view its skyscrapers. Four friends attended this journey. And each of us took our own digital products, some took MP4, some brought iPhone 4, others held on PDA and some phones.

At the beginning, we felt a little boring. So we took out our own phones to play. But after a while, we found it was more depressed, because each just played by himself. We did not share the interesting movies with each other. So we planed to watch a movie together.

At this time, we saw there is a mobile phone windshield mount car holder on the windshield. So one of my friend, took out his iPhone 4 and put it onto the car holder. Then we could share a movie again. After watching for a while, the one in the back row, finding the position of the iPhone 4 was not suitable for his viewing. So he wanted to change the place of the car holder, he wanted to place it lower and put it into the position of the air conditioner. All of us think it was impossible, because as all we know, uauslly the car holder can only be put on the windshield. We can only move it on the windshield.

But the owner said certainly it can be put into the air outlet of the air conditioner. It is not the old one, this one is quite fashionable which has many functions. The most important function is that can hold any size of phones, PDA, MP4 or MP3. It is with flexible width for side grip from 40 mm to 110 mm. Then each of us took out our phones and had a try. We found it was perfect. Furturmore, it had a strong suction up which can keep phones and MP4 etc stable.

After telling so many functions, you must be curious about where to find this one. He told me a website www.trait-tech.com. I had viewed it and appreciated it very much. Do you wonder what kind of products it has? It is a secrect. I will never tell you. Just view it by yourself. Haha…

Bob from trait-tech.com

From http://blog.trait-tech.com/2011/07/we-lead-others-copy.html


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