[TRAIT-TECH] A Wonderful Cooling Companion In The Summer

a mini fridge with the USB cable, can be used in cars or computer. The cooling temperature could reach 10-15 centigrade, and the warming temperature can reach 60-80 centigrade, mini size with light weight, a good companion for your journey or evection!

This is really a hot summer! It seems there are ten suns on the sky to shine and fever!


The experts say that this is because of the “greenhouse effect” which is created by our humans. However, experts only know the reason, they have not found an effective way to solve this question in a short time! So, our common people need to seek our own way to fight agianst the hot summer!

So we create the air condition to make our house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, invent the kinds of fans ranging from min to large size to be used in various of places from notebook to our house! And of course, we should not forget the fridge! Which give us much convenient, make the food fresh, bring us delicious icecream! However, As I am going to have a journey this summer, how I hope that I could get a cooling stuff

to go along with me! So that I could have a cool journey this time! My plan is travelling the main European countries by Car, and visit the main famouse scenary in each country. I tell my plan to my girlfriend, she supports me much, but she can not go with me, for she is from China(we fell in love with each other when I got a visit to China). After hearing my problem, she send me a mini fridge which is produced by her company: trait-tech! It is really a cool fridge! First, the mini size gives us much convenient.the total external size is only 90 X 91.5 X 203mm, with the weight of 385g in total, amazing! Second, It is a multifunction one, can be used in summer and winter, it means you could cool the cola in the summer, and warm your coffee in the winter! The cooling temperature is: 10-15 centigrade. And the warming temperature is: 60-80 centigrade! Third, It even could be used as a clock! You may think it will waste a lot of power, in fact, on the contrary, a USB port with the 5V 500mA power is enough! You could use it in your car, or computer!
This summer, with this wonderful mini fridge, I have a good journey! Driving my car, Drinking the cool cola while enjoying the beautiful scenery, this is a nice and special experience!

More at: http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-GIFT-235__usb-mini-cooler-fridge-with-lcd-display-and-clock-cooling-warming.html

Cherry from trait-tech.com

at http://blog.trait-tech.com/2011/07/a-wonderful-cooling-companion-in-the-summer.html


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