[TRAIT-TECH] Keep The Good Times

Person’s life there is always a lot of good things happen, we need something to keep the good things, so that we can revisit the circumstances at that time.

I love to shoot video and photos. Because I think that our mood was recorded. When we look at a photo or video it allow us to revisit the circumstances at that time. People always miss the good memories and person’s life there is always a lot of good things happen, So when I travel or when attending a party, I like take a lot of photos or videos, after that I can share with my friend and my relatives, and also I can recalls that happy time after a long time. Now I have so many photos and videos, but there have a big trouble with me, I can not take the photo and video with me anywhere, also can not show me anytime, I just can keep them in the U disk. That is not too much convenience. Maybe I need something to hellp me to satisfied with my requirements.

So I asked around, one of my friend told me that I can search the digital photo frame on the internet, perhaps I can find something what I want. According to my requirement, I browsed the website, and finally find the products I need that the product in the www.trait-tech.com. 10 inch digital photo frame. That can plays pictures, music and videos, and have 16M internal memory, and also accept SD card. That so nice! I noticed that product also have other function, such as calendar, clock, alarm clock, time-switch machine. So great. I know that is the one what I want. Next month, my best friend getting married, I’m going to attend the wedding, that time will take a lot of pictures. I think I will not hesitate to buy it, take it to the wedding with me, So that I can keep the good times more convenience.

Ima from trait-tech.com

at http://blog.trait-tech.com/2011/07/keep-the-good-times.html


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