The Best Murder to Kill the Boring Time

During your boring time, the micro robotic hexbug toy can accompany you to spend the hard time and to be the most fierce murder to kill the extreme depressing time.

Everybody, attention please!

Then most fierce murder to kill the boring time occurs. And now he is coming with his other four brothers. They have the same name, micro robotic hexbug toy.

Look, how bold and generous they are. And how handsome they are. Though they wear different cloth, with different shapes, their momentum are the same.

Just by their apperance, they will think they are so strong and can kill every sort of insects. In fact, they are coward. They even are afraid of  a hand clap, loud noise. They only have one function, that is make you feel happy and can accompany you to kill the boring time. So in fact, they are very lovely and nice.

The micro robotic hexbug toy feels its way around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them. And it can even hear! So when I play jokes on them, I feel very cool. You can control where it scurries through a hand clap, loud noise. The robotic bug will travel forward until it hits an obstacle or hears a loud noise. It will then backup in a half circle and then move forward in a different direction.

The micro robotic hexbug toy is quite new and fashionable. Many children, elder people even some adult like them very much when they see them at the first sight. They are not only attracted by their strange apperance, but also by their special fuction-killing time.

Why I know this, because one of my friend, Ben, he works in a company Trait-tech He introduce them to me. Because his company always sell some popular new products and he always introduce the new one to me. Every time, the products will bring surprise to me. Certainly, this time is included. Maybe if you feel boring, you can view its website and take one have a try.

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