Trait Tech Blog 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Toy

3D Jiasaw puzzle is a unique toy with innovative design which can train a person’s brain, delight his/her eyes and decorate the house.

3D crystal puzzle is a unique product with innovative design which can train a person’s mind and organizational ability. Its novel shape and design, unique mode of thinking make it very popular in the toy market in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

Trait tech is the crystal puzzle’s home, especially apple 3d crystal puzzle. Inside the puzzle, it comes with motion-activated LED that flashes which will light up the entire crystal apple. When completed, it would make for a rather beautiful decoration at home or at the office, where curious onlookers as well as visitors will not mind taking a pop at it when they drop by.

Although it looks like pretty and simple, it is a bit difficult to disassemble or assemble it. Last week, one of my friend purchased one on for her child who is a 16 years old boy. At first, he really did not know how to orient the puzzle pieces because they are very clear. And there is no solution in the box. The pieces are numbered, 43 pieces totally, but the numbers do not indicate how they to together. That is, piece 1 does not snap into piece 2. At last he spent about 2 hours fitting the pieces together well enough and the finished product is displayed in his room. So he likes it very much for it stimulates his brain and proves he is talent to some extent.

At the time if you are hesitating what gift is better for your children, you could visit the toy home-trait tech. On trait tech are various toys. Choose one to deliver to your love one during his/her birthday or anniversary day. It is very popular among teenagers who enjoy challenging and are full of innovation. Here is the miracle, the home of trait tech.

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