When Will the iPhone 5 Come, October?

iPhone 5 is likely to be released in October, not on September according to the new rumor. But who knows?

According to the previous speculations, iPhone 5 will be released in September. Autumn is still on the cards, but apparently the month is October, but not September. At least this is what the new hot rumor is claiming today.

However, another source claims that iPhone 5 could not be launching in September, since there is no extact information about the upcoming device, besides speculations and rumors. If Apple were to launch the device in September, then the fifth generation iPhone would have been announced some time in June.

When will the iPhone come, September or October. Perhaps neither of them is the perfect time.

At the time, Apple fans not only predict the release time of iPhone 5, but also wish the iPhone 5 will come in colors. However, things do not always happen as we have expected. When we look back to the feature of Apple Products, we will find that iPods came in different colors, such as red, orange or purple, while the iPhones are only black or white. Apple has also adopted some bright colors for iPads by releasing the smart covers for iPad 2. For smartphones, on the other hand, the choices have always been black or white. Perhaps Apple will surprise us.

No matter when will iPhone 5 come and if iPhone 5 will be released in different colors, as a user, we often have our phones wear the charming coats to protect them from scratches, grime in everyday use and to make us outstanding in the crowd. The home of accessories for mobile phone, trait tech, always makes it come true. Although iPhone 5 has not been released, trait tech has designed the cases for iPhone 5. The style of silicone cases are alike the cases of iPhone 4, soft, transparent, plain but chic. In future, more and more accessories will be emerged as soon as iPhone 5 is released.

Order at : http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-iP5G-2003A__classical-white-silicone-case-cover-for-iphone-5.html

Dora from trait-tech.com


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