Enjoy Your Android and Enjoy Your Android Toys

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Android Series 02 and also Android Series 01 will let you enjoy your mobile and more enjoy of this little toy, once more with the funcationable Androids come out, do you think your life is more wonderful now?

From the recently report on the mobile website, we can know that the mobile of Android OS share the 62% market of mobile phone, so you can image how popular is the android phone now, there are over half people in the world using a Android OS mobile phone. Well, as Android’s growing popularity soaring, the andriod toys are increasingly recognized. Many who make it as a collection of knick-knacks.

The day I first read about Android is going to be a toy, I know it has great potential. Within less than 2 years, the Android toys came out in various designs, shape and sizes. And now in trait-tech you will find varity kind of those little Android toys: Android Series 02 and also Android Series 01 on trait-tech, there have all kind Mini Collectible Toys and some Andriod min speakers.

I think the Andros Google Robot Mini Speakers / Line FM Radio / MP3 Audio / Insert CARDS will interested you most. It have a very cute and beatiful outside, what important is that can use as a Mini speaker, a FM radio, a mp3 audio, oh my god, it is so funcationable…it support T-Flash card, support Mp3 file format,Onboard FM radio with radio station auto scan, Seven colors LED indicator for status indicating, to give you a vogue and technological feel.Connect to a mobile phone or a computer with the attached line in cable,it will be a terrifie external speaker. Digital audio amplifier, full frequence speaker, to please your ear with transparent soud effect. High capacity Li-ion polymer battery, for longer music play.Cool opertion control, Experience more fun.

So what are you waiting for, come to trait-tech and make it be your own, it will be cool when you put it out and show to your friends, it is also amazing when you need it as a easy-take speaker. Then enjoy your mobile phone and at the same time enjoy your Android Toys.

All toys are at : http://www.trait-tech.com/s.ashx?v=g&page=3&cata=244

Linda from trait-tech.com


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