Wireless Guitar Legends of Rock Crazy Guitar for WII

This crazy guitar comes with good quality and great performance that enables you to get more enjoyment as playing Wii games! Just apply this wireless guitar and you can play more freely then!

Now, you won’t just watch and listen as the Beatles make rock history, create landmark records and conquer the world – for the first time, you’ll be part of the band. With this wireless guitar, you can experience the rise to fame of a legendary rock band in a game developed and co-created with the Beatles. Live out the experience of performing at venues where the Beatles made history, including the Cavern Club and the roof at Savile Row. Get inside the real-life band experience by playing this wireless guitar in the games.

This wireless guitar is fit for Wii, and it sound effects directly from the Wii remote speaker. Besides, it is increased accuracy with more responsive, dual-color fret buttons. Detachable neck packs down small when on tour (and for storage) and locks into place to ensure stability when rocking out.

This is a great wireless guitar and I really like it for two reasons: 1) it is affordable. 2) it works. It comes with rocker-inspired stickers that my kids appreciated, and it can be upgraded with any nunber of faceplates that are really expensive. Guitar Hero Rocks and this Rock Crazy Guitar helps make it happen! With this wireless guitar, you can interchange the face plate. The wii guitar has an elongated strumbar so you can jam effortlessly. This item is only used for Wii game with smart design and wireless function. The Wii wireless guitar controller is fully compatible with any version of Wii console and Wii remote controller. This wireless guitar is inexpensive and it work well. It was based on my experience, this wirless guitar controller live up to my expectations. I’ve never played the previous games in this series but this game is addictive! The Wii remote is easy to tuck into the guitar and the tutorial is pretty easy. Instead of strings you have a bar you push corresponding to how fast the notes move. I’ve never strummed guitar, my husband has. And I’m thrashing him at this game! Just apply this wireless guitar from online store “www.trait-tech.com” and you can play more freely then!

Buy not at: http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-WII-624__wireless-guitar-legends-of-rock-crazy-guitar-for-wii.html

Lena from http://www.trait-tech.com


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