Mini Speaker A Gift Of Love

If you fall in love with someone, you will try everything to make him/her happy. You will want to give what he/she wants and the best things. To express the deep love for your lover.

I am crazy in love with a cute girl. I wanna know everything about her, the things she like, and the thing she don’t like. I can not stop to think about her, I think that is love. She like the stuffed toys and music. She always take an earphone with her cellphone that more convenience for her listening music anytime and anywhere. But I was so worried about her ear, I know that always take an earphone in long time that is not so good for the ear. So I think need to do something. Maybe a mini speaker? Aha, I used to search in website, I was found one product that so popular in the world now, simple-minded, lovable plush doll speakers. Plush Card Reader Speaker Hippo Mini Speaker in Whether you are on the bedroom, at home, in the car, or desk, is both a cute little decoration, but also your leisure time entertainment. Very cute plush doll sound, using high quality materials, can be used as home accessories, dolls, also when the speakers, compatible with any headphone jack with 3.5MM MP3, music phone, DVD, computer and other players ; is to send a friend a good choice, both good-looking and stylish. There have different kind of animal mini speaker, but for me, my cute girl always says I like a cute hippo, so I choosed the hippo mini speaker.

When I send the speaker to her, I can see the tears in her eyes. I know that moment I can feel we are happiness. I willing to do anything for her. Just hope she can fell happy.

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