The Toy Which the Girl Can not Be Without

In everyone ideal world, one toy exit which they can not be without. What would this toy will be? They must be shining, funny and creative.

As a boy, you will never know what will attract the girls and you will never know why do they like the shining things. Because in the boys’ world, cars and helicopters dominated their hearts. However, in every girls’ ideal world, there must be a princess. And the princess own many shining toys and the whole body of the princess is also shining.

I feel so curious about the desire of girls. So I did a research on what they do want most. This one comes out in front.

Do not doubtful of this toy. Yeah, what you see is right. This one is at the top of list which girs want most. Please do not look down upon those 216 pieces 5mm nickel plating bucky balls which are with magnetic functions. Because theose bucky balls are not so simple as what you look at. They can composite different shapes of the endless number, some of  those you may not know how to call. Pleasure view the following pictures which are the shapes the bucky balls being made of.

Another reason why they like it most is because she will be the first girl to create it. And they can create them according to their own ideas. This is one way to exercise their IQ. It can improve their geometry and mathematics in the intuition ability. Moreover, bucky balls can provide girls hours of entertainment. Because the majority of girls are quiet. They like doing things or playing games comfortably. Furthurmore, this toy can be played for many many times. When you finished it, you can play again and create a new sort of different types of shapes.

This toy can be found from which is the paradise of shopping. And if you contact the sales man Bob, you can get what you want and even get whatever you do not know their names.

Get at:

Bob at


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