FM Transmitter with Car Charger for iPhone/iPod from trait-tech

This FM transmitter not only helps you search the FM as you want, but also brings a car charger which can charge iPhone or iPod.

As much as we would like to praise trait tech’s latest accessories for phone, the FM transmitter with car charger from trait-tech is one of the most stylish FM transmitter designs we have seen.

The wireless FM transmitter for iPhone is compatible with iPhone 4G/3GS. With this wireless FM transmitter for iPhone, our favorite tunes can be transmitted from portable music players to the car stereo quickly and easily. Enjoy MP3 player, CD player, portable DVD player or even laptop audio through the car stereo’s FM radio. The wireless FM transmitter for iPhone is a fast and simple way to take all our favorite music in our iPhone and it is very easy to read. With the LED display, we can easily tune and select the music in the car anytime.

The wireless transmitter with car charger not only has us listen to our favorite tunes in the car, but also can charge iPhone or iPod directly with USB sync cable. Tune the car radio into any unused FM channel, then adjust the FM transmitter to the same radio frequency. Plug FM transmitter into iPod/iPhone port. As soon as it is done, we just sit back and enjoy the music.

If a call comes while we are listening to music, just press the “Answer” button on the iPhone touch screen, the music will pause and we will hear the conversation through car speakers. Our voice will be picked up via the microphone built into the iPhone. After ending the call, the music will automatically restart. It is convenient for us to operate.

Do you want to ease your driving? Do you want to enjoy the music, FM from iPhone when driving? FM transmitter for iPhone will meet your needs. How can we miss the wireless FM transmitter with car charger for iPhone!

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