How to Retrieve Your Lost Customer: Actions Speakers Louder Than Words

Nowadays, many sales men only know how to search for new customers. But they do not know how to keep their old customers and how to retrieve their lost customers. Now just check what a famous company Trait-tech will do according to this situation.

I am sales man in Ukraine. Losing old customers becomes a big trouble to me. So I have been searching for some methods to retrieve my lost customers.

Yesterday, I found a customer’s blog. There I read a paragraph. After reading it, I got a lot and I took actions like company do. Then some of my lost customers began to reply me. Then content of the paragraph is as follows:

We are proud to offer products for your company. We should have showed our care by sending email eariler. I did not know that your companies are not satisfied with the quality of our product until one of our sales men told me today.I feel so sorry about that.

Here are some improvements our company will take. By taking those measures, I am sure goods will be significantly improved.when you receive your next order.

  1. For the bad products you have received, pls send us the products list (to help us to improve the quality).
  2. Our company Trait-Tech has started to put only high quality products on shelf and tested them well in order to let each customer feel safe to buy online.
  3. Taking pre-shipment inspection before shipping,. We had taken pre-shipment inspection in multiple shops of France, Russia the United States, Denmark for six months. Clients feel satisfied very much.
  4. If there are some inevitable bad goods (it must be very few). pls tell us that the amount of defective products by the end of that month. Then you can pay less money of that amount for your next order. (We operated with our over three years’ customers like this)
  5. We will send you some of the high quality new products together with your new order in order to let you text the quality and the market ((We did like this with our over three years’ customers).

The main purpose of this e-mail is to show our company has the confidence and the ability to assist your company to be greater. I hope you can take our company as one of your Chinese supplier. We can meet that standard.

Our company will provide the best quality, the lowest price and fastest delivery for your company and speed the development of your company.

We are looking forward to establishing a long stable cooperation relationship with your company.

Later I knew the email is written by the sales manager Bob of Trait-tech and they have been taken actions for a long time. And many customers like to do business with Bob and his company. If you do not know how to shopping from the website, you can also contact Bob, the sales manager, he will be gald to help you.

Bob from


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