Amazing Christmas Gift Mini USB Plastic Refrigerator

With this mini fridge on your desk, you can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer longer. Just second after plugging in the fridge the cold plate chills to the perfect temperature for helping keep your beverage cool

Do you want to chill a bottle of drink just bought from supermarket? Or does your cold drink getting warm while you drink it slowly? USB Mini Fridge can help you to solve these problems. This cool USB gadget with door design which can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer for longer time. Now, you can carry a fridge to anywhere。

USB Powered Cooler + Heater – Retro Refrigerator Design. USB Fridge Gadget – cool drinks in your home office, or just annoy your co-workers by geekifying your cubicle.

USB powered cooler and heater gadget. The perfect way to keep your can of cola cool as you are at your computer, or to keep that cup of tea warm, this USB powered device is both handy and easy to use.

Stylish in design and easy to use, this USB Fridge requires no complicated tools to install – simply plug it into your computers USB port and let the USB fridge do all the work. The only problem you are left with is what to chill first! Plus, it even has a cool LED light inside to guide the way to your drink when it’s dark!

Perfect for work and play, the USB Fridge is ideal to use in the office or at home to ensure you always have a cold drink at arm’s length.

How to use it? Simply plug it into any free USB port with any PC or Mac computer, switch it to the desired function, and you are on your way to having a cool drink available any time you want it, without ever having to get out of your chair!

Why not to get one to make your all co-workers are all jealous of you.

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Where Can We Get The Case For iPhone 4S?

This year, 4th, Octorber, it is really a sensible day,the Apple family add a new member-iPhone 4S, now the world is crazy for this apple member, however, when can we get the case for iPhone 4S?

We could dare to say that: the Apple really change the world, change the way we think about computer and change the way we think about the mobilephone. Before it, we only think mobilephone is used to connect people. Now, we know a mobilephone can have so many fucntions, can contact people, can use as a computer: searching the internet, can play games with just touching the screen. When we play the game of angry birds, we should not forget the function of our iPhone!

iPhone 4 has been lauched for about one year, however, it is still very hot, because its high technology. Apple company is really a great company, because their products have also help many other people to make a living! Such as the people who produce cases for iPhone! There is a saying goes like this: Apple is a lover and Nokia is a wife! iPhone is so beautiful and so thin, a case is needed to protect itself. So the same for the iPhone 4S. This Octorber, we get another great news from Apple company. The desirable next generation of iPhone is lauched-iPhone 4S. Though it is almost the same as the iPhone 4, the functions become more powerful! Besides, there is almost no difference between the appearance of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S! Only little changes about the volume button! So people who produce the case for iPhone 4, now pay most of their attention for iPhone 4S, to catch market! However, some company is more clever, the case they produce can be used for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S at the same time! When I click “the tpu case for iPhone 4s”, I enter the company: trait-tech(, then see the beautiful butterfly cases for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S they sell now. Amazing, except the Type case, they also have many other cases for iPhone 4S now! The case with the image of Jobs, the crystal case, the cartoon hard case for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S! Really beautiful and practical at the same time! If you have an iPhone 4, and you decide to buy another iPhone 4S, you could just get one case for two iphone. When you want to use iPhone 4S, all you need to do is just taking off the case for iPhone 4 and install it on the iPone 4S. And if you are a good business man, you could find that it is really a good chance to do something about the new iPhone 4S! Such as the iPhone 4S cases! I have found that trait-tech, it is not only a retailing company, because if you buy 10pcs and more, you could get a really great price about these newest and hot sale cases!

iPhone 4S is coming, where to find the case for iPhone 4S. If you want to get the answer, please come to trait-tech!

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How to Replace Car Headlight Bulbs

In order to be safer and much brighter for night driving, upgrading car lights is necessary.

Besides looking like tacky, a burnt out headlight bulb on your car is not safe. So you have to change your headlight bulbs.

Let’s take a look at how to replace those bulbs. The simplest and mot reliable way to find out which size and type of bulbs should be used is to take out the blown bulb and read off the model number that is usually written on the bulb’s base.

At some point, given more safety, you will probably realize to upgrade your headlights to be more powerful and brighter. Alongside the wide range of standard car bulbs that are available on the market today there is now also a large selection of upgrade products. For example, xenon bulbs are filled with pressurized xenon gas, which is much brighter and whiter than normal headlight bulbs. Apart from the gas inside xenon bulbs are identical to standard halogen bulbs and so can be easily fitted without any modifications to your car lights.

The very best xenon bulbs are nearly twice as bright as standard headlight bulbs and can project the light beam over 30 meters further, so as well as looking stylish. They also make night driving safer and less stressful. Best of all the xenon bulbs are completely road legal to use in your headlights.

While LED bulbs are widely available for most makes and models. They produce less heat than standard bulbs, last longer, and achieve full power and faster. If considering using LED bulbs, be sure to check the lumen output to make sure they are bright enough.

To help you identify which replacement car bulbs you may need, the headlights on trait tech are most commonly used. Do not forget that when changing your headlight bulbs, you could upgrade to much brighter xenon bulbs or LED bulbs. However if you are upgrading your headlight bulbs to xenon or LED bulbs, it is very important to replace the bulbs in pairs.

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2 Atomizers E-cigarette with Wall Charger Good for Health

The e-cigarette is an alternative production to tobacco cigarette, which can help people to quit smoking. so it is called a health e-cigarette. The material of e-cigarette are excellent durability, unlike tobacco e-cigarette because of their consumption caused a huge pollution per year. So the e-cigarettes also called green production. E-cigarettes have more flavors than real cigarettes. The E-cigs users can choose their favorite tastes in a wide selection of cartridges with different flavors, as a save money productions are popular with folks.

2 Atomizers E-cigarette with Wall Charger Good for Health

What is an e-cigarette

An electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery powered personal vaporizer (PV) or inhaler, often in the form of a cigarette, and can contain either flavored nicotine liquid or refills with no nicotine. The nicotine strength can also be varied according to the user’s requirement. The refill is usually called e-liquid. High-power models are also available that do not resemble an ordinary cigarette but instead look like a thick tube or a small box with a mouthpiece attached.

Cigarettes are a modern way to obtain nicotine and replace smoking an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, desirable since they are likely to be several orders of magnitude less harmful. They can also be used without nicotine. The refill liquids contain about half a dozen ingredients that are all licensed for human consumption and considered acceptably safe, as against the 5,300 discovered so far in cigarette smoke of which many are known to be toxic and carcinogenic

How do e-cigarettes work?

All e-cigarettes have a rechargeable battery or batteries, an atomizer coil which is heated by the battery, and a cartridge containing refill liquid. In some models the last two components are combined. When the switch is pressed, or in the case of auto models, when air is pulled through, the heating element vaporizes the liquid and produces a mist. You draw or pull air through it just like a tobacco cigarette.

Why use an e-cigarette?

The main reason is consumer choice – simply as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The idea is to obtain the nicotine in a cool mist with a few well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption, instead of inhaling the smoke from burning plant materials, since it is known that smoking tobacco cigarettes has many health issues and perhaps around a one-in-three chance of early death.

Are e-cigarettes healthier?

No one can say, because there are no long-term clinical trials or any other research that could verify or disprove such a statement. They were invented in 1995 and have only been widely used for a few years. This is one of those things on which you have to make your own decision. However, many people regard the decision to inhale a cool mist with half a dozen ingredients, none of which are known to be toxic or carcinogenic, or alternatively inhale a bonfire, as what is popularly termed a no-brainer – which is why e-cigarettes are taking the world by storm.

Are cogs hard to buy? Where can I buy e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes can be bought online or perhaps in a local store or bar. They are shipped overnight by many suppliers (check shipping arrangements and costs before purchase). Postage is as per normal consumer products. Except for a very few countries, and you know the sort, international postage is usually no problem even where sales are prohibited.
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Just Through a Website, You Can Design Your Own Phone Case

DIY makes your own exciting pictures by displaying on the surface of cases for your phone. You can make your own personal cell phone cases from a website

Now DIY becomes a trend, whether it is as small as jewelry, clothing, or as large as furniture. Now that home furnishings are available through DIY, so mobile phones are becoming easier. In addition to using personal cell phone wallpaper, ring tones, the case can be better by face-painting. You also can make your own personal cell phone cases. DIY makes your own exciting pictures by displaying on the surface of cases for your phone.

As all we know, the model can be more realistic by painting. DIY making your own cell phone is the same reason with model. You also can design your phone cases just the same as the way to paint models with different colors. The one with creative spirit can design your favorite painting patterns; or the one with interests can make the cases with your family’s or friends’ pictures. Then you can try to give them as a gift for his or her birthday. I believe they will love them more than you can imagine.

You can provide your own favorite 3D design or album to us. (You can send it to We follow the templates as below to making the cases you like for you.

The specification of DIY

Picture: At least with 300 pixels

Template 1

Full screen design

Original case style + picture (you provided) = The DIY one

(You choose by yourself) (Full screen)

Template 2

Original case style + picture (you provided) = The DIY one

(You choose by yourself) (Half screen)

Template 3

You also can take several pictures together. Just as below:

Mobile phone cases can be more charming and pretty which are totally controlled by yourself, by your own customized, entirely by yourself! You can design your phone cases with High-quality PVC material with the best printing technology! Phone can be identical. No similar shell.

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In Memory of Steve Jobs

Someone lives
someone died
The living is dead
The dead is still alive
Steve flied soon
To the unknown paradise
To change our confused earth
As he did for us before

As Apple announced, “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve”. But now, “The world has lost an amazing human being.” For Apple, “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

Sometimes we “think it”. An outrageous thought will never be possible to effect. But Steve, with his “Arrogance”, realizes his creative thoughts. His creative arrogance will forever remain with us in some form or the other. He was a philosopher to boot! A pragmatic philosopher is reflected in his speech made with barely a hit of arrogance and an abundance of humility.

The new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced the next generation iPhone: the iPhone 4S, 3G smart phone with an improved processor, which is designed to run seven times faster than the iPhone 4. This will also make the device capable of running applications faster than its predecessor. The new “World Phone” can run both CDMA and GSM networks, with an advanced and faster 8 mega pixel camera. However, the release of the iPhone 4S failed to “wow” its aficionados, since the Apple fans were expecting the announcement of iPhone 5.

However, now iPhone 4S, regarded as “iPhone for Steve”, is very welcomed by Apple fans. In memory of Steve Jobs, Trait Tech, the supplier of Apple accessories, has designed and produced various casings with Steve Jobs is photo on. If you would like to share your thoughts or purchase some Steve Jobs cases, kindly visit

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Hunt for the right case for the iphone 4s

The iPhone 4S is Apple’s most up-to-date touch-screen Smartphone and it seems to be virtually identical to prior iPhone designs. it is the newest up-graded iPhone, full of new attributes. So for such a good thing you also need to find a good protector cover.

After APPLE’s “let’s talk iphone”,”iphone 4s” has been a hot word around us. The new iphone 4s device was on sale on 14th. And although a lot of people think it didn’t have deeply renovation, still a lot of people willing to Queuing snapping up on the first .Before you buy a brand new iPhone 4S, you must get loaded with whatever you need to protect it! Right? Who would like to have even a teeny-weeny scratch on something as good as iPhone 4s? Obviously no one! So start hunting for your favorite iPhone 4s case now.

Although the inside of the iPhone 4S contains some major differences from its predecessor, the exterior of the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4. So some people said that your can use your favorite iPhone 4 cases for your new iPhone 4s, Here, we’re concerned about protection for the handset as not many people seem to realize that not all iPhone 4 cases will fit the handset. Notably, the mute switch and the two volume buttons have moved ever-so-slightly to accommodate a new antenna. Eagle-eyed iPhone fans will recognize these changes from the launch of the Verizon iPhone back in February. As a result, we have to hunt for the right case for the iphone 4s . By the same time we also need to know which iphone 4 cases can be used for iPhone 4s.

For one things, the vast majority of case makers have updated their molds to account for the new design. Most simply have an elongated rectangle on the side of the case to account for the buttons. A few have gone as far as to create specific button holes in cases for Verizon iPhones.What this means is that if you purchased a case for your iPhone 4 within the last six to eight months, chances are, that case will fit the iPhone 4S. For users who got a case or bumper when Apple launched the iPhone4inJune 2010, the situation is slightly more complicated and you might want to bring your case with you when standing in line to get the new phone.

For another thing, there are still a lot of new design cases for iPhone 4s, you can just give up your old cases and then to choose a new one, when you come to trait-tech, you will definitely find your favorite design.

Although iPhone 4s just come out on 14th, trait-tech have already have a lot of design for it, even we have a design of Steve Jobs, so some Apple fans can use this kind design to Moure the great people Jobs. As it is said that iPhone 4s means iPhone for Steve. At there also have a lot of cute cartoon design hard case, also have TPU cases, Silicone cases, you can choose freely according to your own interesting.

Welcome come to trait-tech to talk about the deeply things with Linda, we are all interested in Apple products, and also have a lot of accessories for you to choose.

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