Anti-radiation Anti-degaussing No Signal New Handset Bag


Hey guys, which bag and which case you are using to protect your mobile phone now? Maybe something cute, maybe something cool, or maybe something you think beautiful. Did you ever think of any practical bags also have a cool outside look to protect your phone? You may ask, for a protect bag which else function can it be? How can it be practical? So I am here to answer all you question and to give you a surprise.

This is really an amazing bag, This product is refined by the use of nano-materials. For this special materials can make your mobile phone Anti-radition, anti-degaussing, no signal when you put your mobile phone in the inner pocket. Carrying mobile phone long-tern will endanger human due to wave radiation, it have a great effect to the human healthy, sometime it make people lose the function of our body, so that’s why we need to power off our mobile phone before we go to bed, but some of us may think it is too trouble to do that, turn off and then turn on, and a lot of people forget to do that, so if there have something no need to turn off your phone, you will be much happy, yeah? And this Phone bag has a great effect in anti-radiation to make sure health. It have two pocket in the bag, when you put your phone in the outside one, you can considerate it as a protect case, If you don’t want to answer the phone ,you can put the phone in the bag,then the phone will tell: “Calls can not be connected”. It means when you put in the inside pocket it will anti-radition.

What’s more, it can also be Anti-degaussing, it means if you afraid of your bank card, ID card degaussing when you put it together with your mobile phone, you can just put it in the inner card, and it will be segregate with your mobile phone, and it will not degaussing.

So how do you think of it now, do you agree with me it is a practical bag? Do you think it is an amazing bag? So what are you waiting for, considerate your healthy and considerate the cooling look, come to trait-tech to make it be your own.

Welcome come to trait-tech to consult. Any detail you can contac with Linda: MSN: skype: linda-trait

Linda from


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