Hunt for the right case for the iphone 4s

The iPhone 4S is Apple’s most up-to-date touch-screen Smartphone and it seems to be virtually identical to prior iPhone designs. it is the newest up-graded iPhone, full of new attributes. So for such a good thing you also need to find a good protector cover.

After APPLE’s “let’s talk iphone”,”iphone 4s” has been a hot word around us. The new iphone 4s device was on sale on 14th. And although a lot of people think it didn’t have deeply renovation, still a lot of people willing to Queuing snapping up on the first .Before you buy a brand new iPhone 4S, you must get loaded with whatever you need to protect it! Right? Who would like to have even a teeny-weeny scratch on something as good as iPhone 4s? Obviously no one! So start hunting for your favorite iPhone 4s case now.

Although the inside of the iPhone 4S contains some major differences from its predecessor, the exterior of the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4. So some people said that your can use your favorite iPhone 4 cases for your new iPhone 4s, Here, we’re concerned about protection for the handset as not many people seem to realize that not all iPhone 4 cases will fit the handset. Notably, the mute switch and the two volume buttons have moved ever-so-slightly to accommodate a new antenna. Eagle-eyed iPhone fans will recognize these changes from the launch of the Verizon iPhone back in February. As a result, we have to hunt for the right case for the iphone 4s . By the same time we also need to know which iphone 4 cases can be used for iPhone 4s.

For one things, the vast majority of case makers have updated their molds to account for the new design. Most simply have an elongated rectangle on the side of the case to account for the buttons. A few have gone as far as to create specific button holes in cases for Verizon iPhones.What this means is that if you purchased a case for your iPhone 4 within the last six to eight months, chances are, that case will fit the iPhone 4S. For users who got a case or bumper when Apple launched the iPhone4inJune 2010, the situation is slightly more complicated and you might want to bring your case with you when standing in line to get the new phone.

For another thing, there are still a lot of new design cases for iPhone 4s, you can just give up your old cases and then to choose a new one, when you come to trait-tech, you will definitely find your favorite design.

Although iPhone 4s just come out on 14th, trait-tech have already have a lot of design for it, even we have a design of Steve Jobs, so some Apple fans can use this kind design to Moure the great people Jobs. As it is said that iPhone 4s means iPhone for Steve. At there also have a lot of cute cartoon design hard case, also have TPU cases, Silicone cases, you can choose freely according to your own interesting.

Welcome come to trait-tech to talk about the deeply things with Linda, we are all interested in Apple products, and also have a lot of accessories for you to choose.

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