How to Replace Car Headlight Bulbs

In order to be safer and much brighter for night driving, upgrading car lights is necessary.

Besides looking like tacky, a burnt out headlight bulb on your car is not safe. So you have to change your headlight bulbs.

Let’s take a look at how to replace those bulbs. The simplest and mot reliable way to find out which size and type of bulbs should be used is to take out the blown bulb and read off the model number that is usually written on the bulb’s base.

At some point, given more safety, you will probably realize to upgrade your headlights to be more powerful and brighter. Alongside the wide range of standard car bulbs that are available on the market today there is now also a large selection of upgrade products. For example, xenon bulbs are filled with pressurized xenon gas, which is much brighter and whiter than normal headlight bulbs. Apart from the gas inside xenon bulbs are identical to standard halogen bulbs and so can be easily fitted without any modifications to your car lights.

The very best xenon bulbs are nearly twice as bright as standard headlight bulbs and can project the light beam over 30 meters further, so as well as looking stylish. They also make night driving safer and less stressful. Best of all the xenon bulbs are completely road legal to use in your headlights.

While LED bulbs are widely available for most makes and models. They produce less heat than standard bulbs, last longer, and achieve full power and faster. If considering using LED bulbs, be sure to check the lumen output to make sure they are bright enough.

To help you identify which replacement car bulbs you may need, the headlights on trait tech are most commonly used. Do not forget that when changing your headlight bulbs, you could upgrade to much brighter xenon bulbs or LED bulbs. However if you are upgrading your headlight bulbs to xenon or LED bulbs, it is very important to replace the bulbs in pairs.

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