Amazing Christmas Gift Mini USB Plastic Refrigerator

With this mini fridge on your desk, you can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer longer. Just second after plugging in the fridge the cold plate chills to the perfect temperature for helping keep your beverage cool

Do you want to chill a bottle of drink just bought from supermarket? Or does your cold drink getting warm while you drink it slowly? USB Mini Fridge can help you to solve these problems. This cool USB gadget with door design which can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer for longer time. Now, you can carry a fridge to anywhere。

USB Powered Cooler + Heater – Retro Refrigerator Design. USB Fridge Gadget – cool drinks in your home office, or just annoy your co-workers by geekifying your cubicle.

USB powered cooler and heater gadget. The perfect way to keep your can of cola cool as you are at your computer, or to keep that cup of tea warm, this USB powered device is both handy and easy to use.

Stylish in design and easy to use, this USB Fridge requires no complicated tools to install – simply plug it into your computers USB port and let the USB fridge do all the work. The only problem you are left with is what to chill first! Plus, it even has a cool LED light inside to guide the way to your drink when it’s dark!

Perfect for work and play, the USB Fridge is ideal to use in the office or at home to ensure you always have a cold drink at arm’s length.

How to use it? Simply plug it into any free USB port with any PC or Mac computer, switch it to the desired function, and you are on your way to having a cool drink available any time you want it, without ever having to get out of your chair!

Why not to get one to make your all co-workers are all jealous of you.

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