Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

The Bluetooth keyboard for iPad is the worlds thinnest, and it is just 16.5mm after the merger with iPad. single thickness of Bluetooth keyboard of iPad is only 11mm. The machine weights just 280 grams, so that it is the world’s best carry-on performance Bluetooth keyboard.

Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case is the world’s thinnest at 11mm thickness (only 16.5mm together with your iPad 2). This super-lite keyboard case weights just 9.5 ounces. Air-craft grade, aluminum alloy, attractive enclosure is precision-cut and has anodized finish to match your iPad 2 perfectly.

This iPad bluetooth case provides 2 viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes while assuring full protection for the iPad screen. Your iPad rests on the soft rubber stoppers that are located on the base of each corner to ensure your screen doesn’t come into contact with the keycaps.

The powerful 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer will last several weeks of normal use without charging.

I was a little hesitant to get a keyboard case in the beginning as I thought it would defeat the very own purpose of iPad which is the touchscreen functionality but over the time, as I used my iPad more often I got convinced that I needed the keyboard. Going through several case options and reading reviews I couldn’t make my mind up. My father has the Zagg keyboard case and for some reason I just didn’t like it that much. My cousin came over and had this case with his iPad and I really liked it so I got one. It’s very slim and good looking. I like the very tiny rubber stoppers that this case has at the bottom which makes it easier to put on a surface. I have noticed that other keyboard cases don’t have this. Nice addition. Typing with this keyboard is very easy. I use wireless keyboard case at home with my Mac and the layout is very similar so I didn’t even have to get used to it. I would definitely recommend this case and the brand if you’re in the market for a great bluetooth keyboard case.

Great keyboard case full of great features. Very long battery life, lightweight, great fit, apple-like keycaps, hot keys for shortcuts add a great value to this case at the given price. It’s much cheaper and much better than $90-$100+ keyboard cases in the market that I’ve tried.

This is a solid keyboard case that fits the iPad perfectly. It’s slim profile looks really nice and attractive. Bluetooth connection was a breeze. I just had to connect it once and now all I need to do is switch the on/off button on my keyboard case when I want connection. The keycaps are hard plastic, not soft rubber with cheap feel. Same as Apple keyboard. I love this case.

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Say Goodbye to Mouse

By owning aluminum wireless Bluetooth magic trackpad for Apple, then you can feel free to say goodbye to the mouse.

Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth Magic Trackpad for AppleAluminum Wireless Bluetooth Magic Trackpad for Apple

Nowadays, no matter what kind of job you take, you can not be without the subjects: computer and mouse. So I believe nearly everyone was tired with those two subjects. Nearly every one wants to desert them, but as if they can not.

In fact, though we can not be without computer, we can do not use mouse, just because of the magic Tackpad. It looks simple and fantastic.

From its’ outside shape, you can not image how multi-function it will be. The Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. It uses the same Multi-Touch technology you love on the MacBook Pro. And it supports a full set of gestures, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what’s on your screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. So it is really with personal touch. And inertial scrolling makes move up and down a page which makes it more natural than ever, than mouse.

Moreover, Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Magic Trackpad is just like the trackpad on the MacBook Pro — but bigger. It’s made with the same advanced touch-friendly and wear-resistant glass surface.

Maybe many people are curious of which can be used as well as mouse. Here I can tell you definitely it fits in perfectly, because I had bought one from And I like it very much and appreciate it more than I can say.

The most important contribution of Magic Trackpad is that it can be capable of multiple gestures; however, you may find one or two unnecessary. It’s ok. Hehe. Because you can set the gestures as you like and you can cancel the gestures you do not like.
Do not be hesitate, just do what you like.


What happened when cream cake meets iPhone 4

When public cake meet iPhone 4, Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone 4 launches shock to be born! Protect your phone free from scratches and bumps and also protects your phone in cute outstanding style.

Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone 4Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone 4

Cake, Ice cream, dessert, Hamburgall is my favorite, I love theirs color, theirs shape, theirs taste, theirs felling. I have a lovely lifelike Hamburgthrow pillow, an Ice cream brush pot, dessert is my indispensable snacks. And I have a fashion and strong iPhone 4, it is also my indispensable love. Although they all are my love, I never thought the two things could combined together, Because there is really no same point between the two, however, Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone 4 makes them together perfectly, Give me a surprise packet!

When it goes with me, I find it is just a real creamy bread designed with amazing cool fragrant flavor, Soft PU + Soft bubble sponge/foam environment friendly material with the same touch feeling as real bread, so amazing! 3D cute bread design, so unique, innovative, lifelike, and wonderful shatterproof! Protect your phone free from scratches and bumps and also protects your phone in cute style. ideal for replacing broken, cracked, damaged, scratched or dirty back cover. Holding in hands, the vivid design will stimulate your appetite greatly. You can’t regard it as a case anymore. Just show your personality, make everyone eye on your iPhone4. This Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone 4, is easy and fast to wrap on and tear down, the soft inside will leave no scratches on your iPhone 4 frame or bumper. The precise cut-outs on the cover make it convenient to all buttons, ports and functions. You can take it anywhere conveniently.

Besides, there are abundant styles for chose. There are also many different smile faces on the bread. You can choose your preferred expressions. All the case comes with the same price and quality.

This lovely attractive Aromatic Soft Sponge Fun Creamy Bread Case Cover for iPhone4 not only for yourself but also can be a wonderful gift for your families, your friends and all you lover at the coming Christmas. Believe no one will refuse this practical, warm, ingenious, wonderful Christmas gift. May everybody happy everyday.


Nice decoration for your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

There are many kinds of ways to protect and decorate your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, such as wear a cloth for your iPhone, choose a face for your iPhone, and use a plug cap to dectorate. Today, let us talk about it one by one

Nice decoration for your iPhone 4 - iPhone 4SNice decoration for your iPhone 4 – iPhone 4S

Owning a mobilephone such as iPhone 4/iPhone 4S seems to be a kind of fashion, more and more people has got it, and more and more people want to own it. iPhone is like a lover, some people said like this, we are afraid that it is not decorated enough, it is broken because of some bumps and possible damages. So there are many ways coming out to protect and decorate your iPhone 4/iPhone.

One way, that is giving your iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S a different look. Usually,we say, change the cloth of your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. How we could do this? One easist way is just buying a beautiful and unique case for your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. In this way, with the case’s help, you do not have to worry that your beloved iPhone will be damaged by the possible disasters. Usually we choose this way.

The second way, Giving your iPhone 4 a good face. In this way, all you need is a kind of screen protector you like, such as clear, high-definition, abti-glare. Then you need to prepare a home buttom stickers. There are many kinds of home buttomer stickers you could choose, the cute one, the football club one, the basketball one. Usually this stickers sells in 6pcs a package. You could change the sticker each day if you want!

The third way is a newest and fashionable way to decorate and protect your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. This is the diamond dust proof plug cap! This diamond cap is used to protect your headphone port from any kinds of dust, dirty. At the same time, it is also a good way to decorate your iPhone. With a beautiful and shinny daimond plug cap, your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S becomes fashionable immediately! This is a new product, also a good choice to be a great gift for your friends and family. Where can we get it? And where can we get kinds of them? In fact, I have already get one from this website: , kinds of diamond plug caps are waiting for you!


Music on the Road

Traveling with music is a great way to make a long trip go quickly. iCable 800 MP3/iPod/iPhone to auxiliary input cord (2.13m) can make music on the Road.

Monster iCable 800 MP3/iPod/iPhone to Auxiliary Input Cord (2.13m)Monster iCable 800 MP3/iPod/iPhone to Auxiliary Input Cord (2.13m)

I am Steve from Austria. I am a music lover. But I am thinking over the question that has been perplexing me for a long time. The question is it is really hard to share music with my friend in the car.

Traveling with music is a great way to make a long trip go quickly. But radio stations do not always play my favorites. Taking along CDs allows me to play what I want, but fumbling through discs while you drive is not safe, and carrying a large number of discs can be awkward. Carrying personal media devices such as an iPod is a great way to take my music with me, but these devices are meant for a single user with headphones. So how to share with my favorite songs with my friends in the car is the problem I have been looking forward to solving, because I like music and like sharing with them with my friends.

One day, when I was viewing shopping website, I saw one famous website There I find the monster iCable 800 MP3/iPod/iPhone to auxiliary input cord (2.13m), which solved my problem of sharing music with my friends.

This iCable can drive tunes for everyone. Because many of today’s automobiles have an aux input on the front of the stock audio system, these can also be found on many aftermarket systems as well. Utilizing this connection to play your favorite music from your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or MP3 player is a great way to listen to your music.

Except getting this iCable, I also make a new friend, Bob, the sales manager of Trait-tech Company. He is nice and kind.

Bob from

Christmas Story and Christmas Gift

Wish you a Merry Christmas! The biggest joy of the year is coming near. For a lovely festival, come and see these charming Christmas cases! There are so many kinds of lovely designs, designed in the theme of Merry Christmas style that can make you feel cheerful, just for you, for a merry Christmas!

Christmas Story and Christmas GiftChristmas Story and Christmas Gift

Nikolas lives in on an small island of Finland, lost his loved families science very young, and have been raised in the village neighbor take care. Every Christmas Day, he will from a family moved to another family. In order to express his thanks, every year’s leaving evening, Nicolas would carve little wood gift with a knife for his raised family’s kids. The years went by, more and more families that ever raised him, in Christmas morning, almost each house in the village will find the door putting small gift.

One year, the village suffered famine. The villagers had to send Nikolas to carpentry Lisakki do apprentice. In Lisakki magic shop, Nikolas experienced suffering, faced the difficulty a grateful heart let Nikolas unshakeable, stubborn persistence.

Nikolas insisted down, his sincerity and kind moved one and more. More people begin to believe him and help him. And Nikolas still insists on his pure and good…

Eventually, Nikolas fly in a flying reindeer, become the legend of Santa Claus. He has his own reindeer, has his own sleigh, have loyalty to his friend forever, and countless kind people that willing to continue this traditional for him. And he dressed in red, in a world of dreams silver-coated roam wantonly, pull his sleigh filled with toys and gifts from house to house, bring more and more hope and joy to people.

The film began with a very ordinary narrative, not too many climaxes, but the whole film reveals is simple and exquisite, rise a warm meaning in the bottom of people heart. And in the last couple of plot, said a lot about giving love, it is very important. Also tells us, to fear love is a kind of love behavior.

A child by grace, use the most simple and good at way to repay, How simple, sweet story! Warming love and primitive, natural snow scene, very beautiful!

So, do you want to enjoy this moving film? And do you have some warm inspiration about expressing your love this coming Christmas? For example, one place full of love, has prepared many practical, warm, ingenious, wonderful Christmas gift for your families, your friends and all you lover. And any consult you can contact with:


iPhone Touch Screen Gloves for Cold Winter

The cold winter is on the way. Christmas Day is also coming. Most of my friends prefer to send a pair of gloves as the gift. However, most of the gloves are just keeping warm, once we put on it, there are many things we can’t do freely.

iPhone Touch Screen Gloves for Cold WinteriPhone Touch Screen Gloves for Cold Winter

Nearly all of us, especially for our youth, have one or two more mobile phones. As we all known, most of the cell phone are touch screen.

Well, here comes the problem: If we wear the gloves, how could we touch the screen of your iPhone 4, iPad or Samsung Glaxy S2?

Some guys have tried using gloves made out of jeans and they claimed it to be working. With record cold this year inEurope, these gloves will definitely come in handy for the holiday season, in fact they will sell like hot cakes! I am not sure whether they’re as worm as other normal gloves but at least you’ll have something on your hands to save them from freezing!

No worries! The touch screen gloves for iPhone are ready on the market now. The gloves will be just like your own finger to scroll up and down on the touch screen.

No one can dispute the brilliance of touch screen technology, especially on the iPhone, but it can be problematic when you are in colder climes and need to wear gloves. Using a touch screen glove is very difficult with ordinary gloves – you need something extraordinary. You need the best iPhone gloves.

The chemistry behind these unisex gloves is quite simple: Since capacitive screen responds to tiny charge flowing from your finger tips to the screen, these gloves have Silver fiber knitted into them which acts as a conductor of this small charge. In other words, these gloves are electrical conductors.

Until you can get your hands on a pair of some magic Apple gloves though, there are still a lot of great options around. We reveal the best gloves for touch screen phones you can get your hands into. My best friend is planning to have a great business in this festival season. That is to sell all kinds of touch screen gloves online and his home town.

Using iPhone with the gloves in this winter is possible! A handy Christmas present for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod loving friends

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