The Indispensable LED Decorative Lights for the Coming Christmas

Colorful home outdoor wire LED decorative light of Trait-tech are welcomed by many customers. Beautiful lighting increases the celebration atmosphere in your house.

Though there are nearly 2 month away from Christmas, many people are beginning to decorate their homes. So this activity cumulates many wholesalers to prepare LED decorative lights now.

One of my best friend Bob who worked in a leading trading company Trait-tech, he told me recently one item Colorful home outdoor wire LED decorative light are very popular in his company. And many wholesalers and customers buy this product from him.

He explained some reasons why recently this item LED decorative light is so popular

He begins from the Christmas history.  He said the practice of putting up special decorations at Christmas has a long history. The traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. White, silver and gold are also popular. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, which was shed in his crucifixion, while green symbolizes eternal life, and in particular the evergreen tree, which does not lose its leaves in the winter.

And he said this is the first reason why the item LED decorative lights is so popular, because the LED decorative lights adapt all those colors.

Moreover, this rope light is versatile, affordable and easy to use and install. Bulbs were encased in flexible PVC tubing enhancing durability and easy to bend into shapes to create mesmerizing effects. Suitable for decorating or illuminating your home or business, creating figure, or building Christmas sign display in many occasions such as corners, ceilings, staircases, decks, driveways, boats, galleries, clubs, parties and holidays.

Furthermore, it is energy-Saving and longer-life which with high flexibility, temperature sustainability, and UV resistance. The Length is10mwhich with LED bulbs qty: 100. The Voltage: 220V/210V optional, you can choose the one you like before order. And power consumption is 5W.

Those are the reasons why it is so popular recently. Too many words are useless; just view its pictures now: ha-ha

Colorful Home Outdoor Wire LED Decorative LightColorful Home Outdoor Wire LED Decorative Light

By viewing them, you must like them too. If you also want to take some home, maybe you can contact with him. He is willing to introduce the LED decorative lights to you. And he is really professional.  The following are his contact information:



Email / MSN :
Skype : bob-trait


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