How to do shopping online

Online shopping has become a common a shopping way, shopping online can save much time and money, it is the tendency of future shopping, some good suggestion is necessary for happy online shopping.

In fact, in the experienced online shopping customer’s heart, there is a spectrum, see from the current shopping market, only some merchandise that will be especially get the favor of online shopping customers. Bear the brunt of the market is books, audio and video products (such as CDS, software) and daily articles (such as cosmetics, clothing, etc.). Because of the relatively low prices, goods deceptive relatively small, become the most users shopping category of first choice. Second attention is electric appliances, computer, communication product categories and tickets, because of its set up quite high online trust, has great market potential. The third is financial service categories and online education categories, the two categories of online shopping index is relatively low, but the western developed countries has developed mature in this respect, but as the constant growth of China’s national economy, development momentum of the two categories’ still looks good.

Online shopping is both a humanized process and a feasible operation flow. After consulting some rich experienced online shopping users and referring to some professional newspapers and tips, summarizes some of the online shopping notes are for reference only.

First of all, choose a professional shopping website carefully before you shopping online, to verify whether the site has business license certificate issued by the department of business certificate. Now on the market higher approval of large professional website main have eBay, Alibaba, clean out treasure, Amazon, etc.

Second, into the site, before you choose and buy the goods, view the creditworthiness of sell companies and individuals firstly. To see if the company has through the Business Registration, consumers will also be able to call the company through the phone that provided online to verify the authenticity. The view of personal creditworthiness, mainly through the person’s trading times, personal credit stander and its message those three aspects getting comprehensive investigation, generally, more trade the more reliable, personal credit line is more than 80% means more credible. For example:, provides all type of accessories for Mobile phone (Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.), Computer and Game Consoles(Nintendo, Sony, Micro Soft) as well as the latest digital products including mini laptop, car peripherals, MP3, MP4, Digital photo frame, etc. is a trustworthy shopping mall,

Third, before concluding the transaction, read its market rules and terms carefully, don’t be tempted by the unreasonable low price. And PayPal is a good payment,

Finally, keep the documents, For example: confirmation, user name and password. When use a credit card to pay, had better set up a special credit card, Avoid multi-purpose of one card; The CARDS money parallel with shopping payment, not put too much; After using, change password in time to prevent people from using illegally.



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