Christmas Story and Christmas Gift

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Christmas Story and Christmas GiftChristmas Story and Christmas Gift

Nikolas lives in on an small island of Finland, lost his loved families science very young, and have been raised in the village neighbor take care. Every Christmas Day, he will from a family moved to another family. In order to express his thanks, every year’s leaving evening, Nicolas would carve little wood gift with a knife for his raised family’s kids. The years went by, more and more families that ever raised him, in Christmas morning, almost each house in the village will find the door putting small gift.

One year, the village suffered famine. The villagers had to send Nikolas to carpentry Lisakki do apprentice. In Lisakki magic shop, Nikolas experienced suffering, faced the difficulty a grateful heart let Nikolas unshakeable, stubborn persistence.

Nikolas insisted down, his sincerity and kind moved one and more. More people begin to believe him and help him. And Nikolas still insists on his pure and good…

Eventually, Nikolas fly in a flying reindeer, become the legend of Santa Claus. He has his own reindeer, has his own sleigh, have loyalty to his friend forever, and countless kind people that willing to continue this traditional for him. And he dressed in red, in a world of dreams silver-coated roam wantonly, pull his sleigh filled with toys and gifts from house to house, bring more and more hope and joy to people.

The film began with a very ordinary narrative, not too many climaxes, but the whole film reveals is simple and exquisite, rise a warm meaning in the bottom of people heart. And in the last couple of plot, said a lot about giving love, it is very important. Also tells us, to fear love is a kind of love behavior.

A child by grace, use the most simple and good at way to repay, How simple, sweet story! Warming love and primitive, natural snow scene, very beautiful!

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