Amazing music time with cute mini mushroom speaker

Mini digital mushroom speaker doesn’t only gives a unique and lovely look but as far I can think about what really matters here is the enhancement of your funny music time!

Digital Mini Mushroom Sound Speaker for iPhone iPod Mp3 Mp4 Mobilephone

Digital Mini Mushroom Sound Speaker for iPhone iPod Mp3 Mp4 Mobilephone

When you play with your kids or your lover in the park, you must be very excited for the cute mushroom, they growth in the green lawn, colorful and beautiful small dot, and wonderful fair-sounding music waft around you, all those splendid things bring you close to the fantastic lawn flower, wow! It is a speaker! A vivid mushroom speaker! From then on, you know speaker on the lawn can be done as mushroom that so harmonious with the whole park. How lovely! Do you want to own one such pretty mushroom speaker to enjoy your music time with your iPhone/iPod/Mp3/Mp4 or mobile phone?
Now, let me share my favorite treasure to you.

This Christmas, one of my friends from trait-tech send a mini mushroom to me, at first sight, I think it is just a pendant for cell phone, because it is so cute, fashion and mini! just about 100g. but after I connect it in cell phone, it’s sound effects is so amazing! The sound quality is such good, exquisite craftsmanship make very delighted vision and touch feeling. with stylish and fashion design colorful mushroom appearance, a 3.5mm Stereo connect Cable, you can hang it on your mobile phone as a attractive pendant, imagine this if you can enjoy your favorite music at any time and any where very conveniently? Just like you are shining the sun on the lawn and enjoy the music, Very sure!

This mini digital mushroom speaker is Compatible with mobile phone, Mp3, Mp4, iPod, PDA, can plug and play, connection with any PC, mobile phone, Mp3, Mp4, iPod, PDA. when the switch is on, the red light, you can play the music. After the power over, you can use the packaged USB cable to charge, it is really very easy to use. This mini digital mushroom speaker doesn’t only gives a unique and lovely look but as far I can think about what really matters here is the enhancement of your funny music time!

If you are crazy about music and want to enjoy your favorite music at any time and any where very conveniently, then I am sure this unique and amazing shape mini digital mushroom speaker will be one perfect choice that will keep you comfortable as well as gives a cool music time.

I think having one of this mini digital mushroom speaker for yourself or your friends may be a great practical gift. I am surly going to to grab several for my friends, so do you?


Smart Pebble Stand Holder – Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle

Nowadays a lot of phone stander and tablet stander come into our life, but usually they are not protable or they are not stable, as this small Pebble Stand Holder launched, you can enjoy your colorful world with this cute stander from now on.

Are you looking for iPhone stand or else cell phone holder? Well, Smart Pebbles seems not bad at all. Maybe this small cute things can bring something new to your life.

Smart Pebble Stand Holder - Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle

Smart Pebble Stand Holder – Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle

Smart Pebbles is designed by DesignMAX from South Korea. Each pack of Smart Pebbles consists of two pebbles in different colors. In fact, these pebbles are pebble-shaped platinum-silicon bases instead of real stones. You can freely attach pebble-shaped bases in order to set the best place for your cell phone by means of the similar function of suction cup. From the images, Smart Pebbles even can become a laptop stand or a holder for the desk accessories.

The shape of ‘Your Pebbles’ is inspired from the pebbles which we can easily find around us. The Smart Pebble is oval in shape with a hollow middle design. It can be easily fixed on the smooth surface; just push it and it becomes a solid silicon blocks. It can be used alone or stacked together to create a number of different angles stand. Smart Pebble’s sticky surface can support your device on top. The inner side of ‘Your Pebbles’ is hollow, this allows cell phones or laptops to be placed on securely and is the main characteristic of this product. Made from silicon, it is non-slippery; your cellular phone will not slip away easily. It is also heat resistant, sufficient enough to act as a cooler for your laptop. Although it is non-slippery, if you wish for more adhesion, press upper center of the product, this way you will have more secure fixture. Likewise, you may stack them up into a column with 2 or 3 pebbles, enabling the users to easily create new angles as they prefer. Using these silicon pebbles will also prevent from getting new scratches on your mobile devices.

What’s more, this is a new concept of mobile cradle for you, made from platinum silicon, it is harmless to human body. This gadget is designed for your iPhone, smart phones, or notebooks. It could be used as wrist pad and can also securely place your favorite devices without scratching its surface. You can even reverse the Smart Pebble for storing keys or change! It also can use for any mobile phone, and you can tidy your goods with these “ Smart Pebbles”, USB, necklace or even earrings. Place them in the inner hollow side of the pebble. Plus, it’s a simple way to tidy up your desk.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Trait-tech, and keep it be your own , then you will find your life is so colorful.

You are also Welcome come to trait-tech to talk about the deeply things with Linda, we are all interest in digital products and also we have a lot of accessories for you to choose.

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How to Call on Keyboard

Skype Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 can be used to call.

Yesterday I was invited to visit one of my friends since she told me a miracle is waiting there for me.

SKYPE Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone for iPad/iPad 2

SKYPE Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone for iPad/iPad 2

As long as I reached her home, she can not wait to show me one keyboard, which let me laugh out loudly. “Oh, my god, this is miracle?! A keyboard for iPad 2 only”! I said. “I will show you how mysterious it is”! She argued seriously.

At first she connected the Bluetooth keyboard to iPad 2 and then, unexpectedly, she used the keyboard to call. I was attracted by this keyboard at once.

It looks like the same as the common keyboard, featuring a slim, stylish design, which is easy to carry where we go. The only difference is that a telephone is designed on the keyboard. It can be used to call or video chat.

My friend told me how to use it:

1. Turn on power switch, Bluetooth keyboard sync indicator lights on and flash slowly, that has eneed the Bluetooth searching state, and the indicator light turns off automatically after 3 seconds.

2. iPad console settings menu, the ‘Bluetooth’ option to select the ‘Open’ state, and press keys on the keyboard FC 2 seconds will turn flash light on the code that has been entered on the keyboard code state, the keyboard and the host will automatically iPad code, the code will be successfully iPad console connection prompt, and asked to enter matching password, then enter the iPad host the 6-digit code displayed, press the ENTER key to confirm the keyboard that smooth connection with the console.

3. To take up the telephone when using, to press the ring off button when stopping using telephone.
With the build-in high capacity lithium battery 400mah, this keyboard for iPad 2 could have a long time durable standby time. 2-3 hours charging time make it last over 60 hours.

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Turing Boring Time into Unforgettable One

When you are staying alone at home, what kind of indoor activities will you take? Or there are a few friends at your home, how do you make everyone feel happy?

Last Sunday, I was staying at home alone. Then my phone was ringing.

LED Starry Star Sky Projection Digital Calendar Music Alarm Clock

LED Starry Star Sky Projection Digital Calendar Music Alarm Clock

Some of my friends told me they would come. I felt curious about that, because I did not know how to make the atmosphere lively. I was get rid of watching films together them you. It was so boring.

I need to find a better way to enjoy them. When I was considering how to play, then they are coming in.

I saw one of my friends take a strange item. They called it as LED starry star sky projection digital calendar music alarm clock from

This clock can play music while displaying beautiful images of starry sky to our ceiling. The color of the lights will change itself along with the rhythm of the music. This lovely bed side item includes 5 pieces of beautiful chord songs and 3 pieces of natural music. Users can choose by pressing the UP & DOWN buttons. So we was beginning dancing and singing. The time is so unforgettable.

The top part of the clock projects starry night light to the ceiling which can make viewing time at night easier & funnier. And it glows in beautiful rainbow colors at night in the dark 3 basic colors including red, blue & green. Moreover, it will transform from one to another and eventually, showing the magical colors of the starry sky. Furthermore, Color changes continuously, attractive effect in the dark

Later I knew the clock is multi functional, it displays calendar and measures temperature. It has a countdown timer function as well as an alarm function with snooze. A perfect item you will like for your bed side, because it is compact and lightweight. And you can set the time format: 12-hour or 24-hour. And the display type has time, week, date, month & year. Thermometer types: centigrade temperature or Fahrenheit temperature . This item blends the features of nightlight, projector & alarm clock together. It performs the basic functions of a clock, displaying time, date & waking you up in the morning

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Instructions for Using Wind Up Mobile Phone Charger

A wind up mobile phone charger can give you extra power when you need to call someone even no power outside.

Portable Solar Power Flashlight Radio Mobile Cell Phone ChargerPortable Solar Power Flashlight Radio Mobile Cell Phone Charger

Cell phones make it easy for us to communicate with each other from remote locations. When heading out for a drive or going traveling, as long as the phones are full of power, we can call anytime. Sometimes if a long journey, we will bring one more battery or emergency charger with us to charge our phones in time. Our life becomes easier as the phones’ s arrival.

However, sometimes we are in a place where there is no outlet, like in the car in the middle of a traffic jam. Maybe we have just started a weekend of camping, but the moment when we arrive at the campsite we realize our phones have only one bar of battery life left and not much time before the cell phone becomes useless. Perhaps the chargers our friend offer do not fit for our phone. How could we do at this time?

In any of these cases, it is better for us to have a source of power that does not reply on outlets or certain types of chargers. A wind up mobile phone charger might be the best device, a simple tool that requires just a little bit of elbow grease to keep your phone running. The trait tech wind up charge is small and fit for most phones. Even though when we climb mountains, it is easy for us to keep our mobile phone full of charge on top of the mountain where no outlet exists. The trait tech wind up charger gains the energy in the sun by itself and save the power in its battery.

No power, no worries. Just a bit of elbow grease by yourself for trait tech wind up mobile phone charger, your phone will be charged and can be used to call anyone you want.

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Beautiful and Special Led Light

The Christmas day is going to come, how to have a wonderful Christmas day? One way is to add some special thing in your house. Such as adding a shinning led star! That is really cool and wonderful!

LED Light Change Color Xmas Chrismas Party Night LampLED Light Change Color Xmas Chrismas Party Night Lamp

Christmas Day is going to come this year! Thought there are many problems in this year, the bad economy, kinds of disasters and wars around the world, we have come through. Just believe that next year everything will become better!

Now it is a good time for us to get the gifts and products needed for our Christmas Day. Because kinds of products are having a big promotion now! We could get almost all we need around in shops. However, when shopping around, you may forget one thing that is really wonderful for your Christmas day! That is the shinning star led colorful light! It can be used in many ways

First, when Christmas Eve is coming. You could use it to decorate the Christmas tree, putting the shinning star on the top of the tree, the star can change to many colors: blue, red, green, purple, you could let it change automatically. You could imagine that turn off all the light, only left the shinning star on the Christmas tree, how fine everything will become! All the members of the family are around the tree, talking about the planning of the new years, it will be the warmest thing in the world! Besides, if you want to send your best friend a great gift, this is also can be your choice. I have sent one to my friend, she love it very much, and said that it is one of the best gift she has ever received! Also, if you want to decorate your bedroom, or your small shop, that is also OK. The light from this star is very warm, it will never let you feel too bright! On the contrary, it is so warm that it will never affect your sleep. When turning on the star in the night in your shop, your shop will have a very special flavor!

However, one question again, where can we get such a lovely and great product? I think there are many places to get them, I get them from an online shop called: trait-tech, and I feel very happy with this shopping experience. Lowest price with the high quality products!

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Five Perfect Homemade Christmas Gift


Christmas gift-buying season is upon us once again, what gifts are you trying to prepare for your families? This Five Perfect Homemade Christmas Gift is hoping to bring you some unexpected inspiration!

Christmas gift-buying season is upon us once again, Christmas gifts shouldn’t be boring! Have you been trying to buy your families a Christmas gift, but nothing that you really like come to mind? And until the last minute and buy a lame tie or an uninspired toaster. No, this year you can to do something unique and thoughtful with your families.

It’s become very fashionable to make home-made Christmas gift, I’ve put together five unique and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas to get you started in the right direction. I hope you find something on this articles that inspires you to make a perfect Christmas gift!

First, you can DIY a Family portrait

Now cell phone is Indispensable for everyone, In addition to using personal cell phone wallpaper, ring tones, the case can be better by face-painting. You also can make your own personal cell phone cases. DIY makes your own exciting family portrait by displaying on the surface of cases for your phone. 


Second, gloves maybe a prefer choice

Exciting Christmas Day is also coming. The cold winter is also on the corner. Most of your friends may prefer to send a pair of gloves as the gift. Most of the gloves keeping warm, however, once you put on it, there are many things you can’t do freely. For example, using your beloved iPhone! a handy Christmas present for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod loving friends.

Unisex Winter Gloves Universal Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone/iPadUnisex Winter Gloves Universal Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone/iPad

And here you can find what it exact is and how does it works:

Third, magic and fun air swim RC shark for kids

Swimmers exist not only in the water, but also in the sky. You don’t believe that? Now our greatest designers made it possible. Believe it or not, just follow me

Air Swimmers Remote controll RC Flying SharkAir Swimmers Remote controll RC Flying Shark

Air Swimmers swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. These amazing fish provide hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms (not for outdoor use). They require only four AAA batteries (one in the body, three in the controller) and have complete up, down and 360 degree turning control

About how to make it fly and how magic and fun it is, you can unlock all mysteries at:

Fourth, the Indispensable LED Decorative Lights for the Coming Christmas

Beautiful lighting can highly increases the celebration atmosphere in your house. Colorful home outdoor wire LED decorative lights become the indispensable LED decorative lights for the coming Christmas. The traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. White, silver and gold are also popular. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, which was shed in his crucifixion, while green symbolizes eternal life, and in particular the evergreen tree, which does not lose its leaves in the winter. Now I introduce a LED decorative lights for your reference.

Colorful Home Outdoor Wire LED Decorative LightColorful Home Outdoor Wire LED Decorative Light

This LED decorative lights adapt all those colors. And it is versatile, affordable and easy to use and install, subminiature bulbs encased in flexible PVC tubing enhancing durability and easy to bend into shapes to create mesmerizing effects. Suitable for decorating or illuminating your home or business, creating figure, or building Christmas sign display in many occasions such as corners, ceilings, staircases, decks, driveways, boats, galleries, clubs, parties and holidays

Fifth, Holographic Laser Star Projector Stage DJ Show Lighting (HL-30)

After having decorated your house and Christmas tree with beautiful shinny small things, do you fell something detailed or more flattering is necessary? Yeah! Laser Star Projector Stage DJ Show Lighting is really a needed surprise!

The Laser Projector can holographic generate animated moving stars, dynamic liquid sky, cloud formation. Fully adjustable Motion Speed. Sound-activate & Auto-mode. With it, you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day!

Ok, now do you clear for this coming exciting Christmas Day? all families together home-made the unique 2011 Christmas Day? Feel the fun of the handmade and festive.