USB Fingerprint Reader Password Lock Makes Your Computer More Secure

I have many secrets. And I am willing to keep them in my computer. The problem is those secrets will be found by the one who use my computer. Until one day, all things changed.

One month ago, I bought a new laptop. If you are an undergraduate, you can understand the happy feeling I had at that time. But all stories have an ending.

Unexpected, my little brothers like it very much. They enjoy playing games. And I hate them playing my computers with their dirty hands. Moreover, they like viewing some pictures or words on my computer. And some of those I do not want to let them read. But I have no way. At the beginning, I set up the password. But it is useless. They will reset my system, and then the password has been gone.

I am embarrassed by what they did. Therefore my purpose is to find a way to lock my laptop and make them away from my computer. Maybe God knew it. He plans to help me. A surprise comes.

One day, when I view around on internet. I saw a product which makes my eyes shin for a long time. That is a new USB fingerprint biometric computer security guard lock on website As if, it is made for me, because I need it urgently. I want to get rid of my little brothers.

USB fingerprint biometric computer security guard lock can not only get rid of my brothers, but also has lots of functions. The computer Lock adopts fingerprint scan verification to guard your computer for exclusive use and encrypt file, folder, keep privacy, memorize bank web page user name password, and create virtual disk. Great security guards lock for your PC!

USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader Password Lock Security for Laptop Computer PC

USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader Password Lock Security for Laptop Computer PC

It looks simple and nice. You can bring it with you anywhere.

Why does it have this function which can remember your password? Because it is Built-in fingerprint identification chip planar. Moreover, it is with USB2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1 to bear the number of fingers sliding over 100 million times. It cans Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista Win7 which include software which supports: Windows login, Screen Saver Lock, Passport bank, File/Folder Encryption, and Virtual Disk Drive

From now on, I do not need to worry about my files will be sealed or peeped. And I can input more personal files in my computer audaciously

Get more details at


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