Lighting Your Christmas Eve

After having decorated your house and Christmas tree with beautiful shinny small things, do you want to have a romantic and warm Christmas eve, if you do, a wonderful Laser Star Projector Stage DJ Show Lighting is really needed!

Holographic Laser Star Projector Stage DJ Show Lighting(HL-30)

Holographic Laser Star Projector Stage DJ Show Lighting(HL-30)

This year, 2011, the Christmas day is coming, only left about 1.5 months! I begin to be exciting now! Though this year, we met with some problems, and economy becomes a little disappointed, most of us want to have a happy and rich Christmas day, to pray that next year, everything will be better!

To welcome the 2011 Christmas and the New Year’s coming; there are many things to do. First, I need to clean our house, with a clear house, and then we could be able to look forward to the beautiful future. Cleaning house, clean all the dirty in house, this is a little hard work, however, with the help of my dear husband and daughter, we make it OK and happy! Second, I need to prepare some gifts for the Christmas, to send them to my husband, my little daughter and my friends. Third, to make our house a paradise for Christmas eve, I need to try to decorate our house with kinds of Christmas elements, such as Christmas trees, some decorations on the trees like: little snow flowers, shinny stars, silver little dears and so on.. Gifts are easy and some small decorations are easy to get, from stores I can get kinds of beautiful of them. In a short time, I get almost all of them, Christmas trees and small decorations, and the gifts for all my love ones. However, when I finish the decoration of my house, I have found a problem, that is every year, our decorations almost the same, with no some little difference, if I want to have a warm and exciting Christmas eve, what could I do? Finally, I get an answer from a website called: trait-tech. Because I get a laser star projector from them. The projector is really a great one! When you see it at the first glance, you will find that the size is a small one, and it is with a ring, so it is convenient to bring with. When you use it, you will find more amazing things. Just plug into the power, and open the laser light, it can begin to shine and project kinds of patterns on the wall. Moving stars, dynamic liquid sky, cloud formations are all available. And it can change the patterns automatically. When the Christmas eve is coming, I will open the laser light, make our house full of the romantic and warm atmosphere! This is a great idea!

Now, I am still preparing some details for Christmas, however, I think with the laser light, we will have a wonderful and great Christmas eve!

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