leather case for ipad, ipad leather case, ipad cover

Made of the high quality leather, elaborate, curvaceous softness, inside for flannel, can protect the screen don’t be scratched.

Special High Quality Leather Protection Case for iPad 2, Holster Stents

Special High Quality Leather Protection Case For iPad 2, Holster Stents(Red)

Special High Quality Leather Protection Case For iPad 2, Holster Stents(Red)

I researched for weeks to find the best iPad 2 case and after countless hours reading reviews and looking up manufacturers, I finally came upon this” Special High Quality Leather Protection Case For iPad 2″.

After going thought the pictures and description of cases available on www.trait-tech.com. I couldn’t decide, since very few or no reviews were available for most of the newly released products and most of them were on pre-order. This one looked nice, had good features and was reasonably priced. Also, checked the case on the website for details about their other products, and found they have variety of products, which looked good.

I am using it for about 2 weeks now, and found it to be very useful. The iPad 2 case took off once you close the cover and turns on when you open the cover, similar to the Apple cover. There is some arrangement on the inside of the top cover to keep papers and credit cards, which is nice. The stand can be put in different positions (about 28). When the stand is not in use it sticks to the cover base via magnets.

Overall a very nice product at a decent price.

In the ideal world, there would be a case that would combine the best of both features- more color options, a magnetic closing strap and magnetic closing stand, but using Velcro for the stand positioning feature (and if it were a truly perfect world, also still incorporating the car strap feature). I own both, and to be honest you can’t go wrong with the case!

Really high quality case. Doubles for fun and professional use. All the best features. The back clip is a little clunky as you break it in, but gets much easier (and necessary to have clip in back for design). Worth every penny listing price. I am going to buy a new one on www.trait-tech.com again to my friend as a gift for Christmas.

Lena from trait-tech.com


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