Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

The Bluetooth keyboard for iPad is the worlds thinnest, and it is just 16.5mm after the merger with iPad. Single thickness of Bluetooth keyboard of iPad is only 11mm. The machine weights just 280 grams, so that it is the world’s best carry-on performance Bluetooth keyboard.

Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

iPad 2 Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

iPad 2 Aluminum Case Holder with wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case is the worlds thinnest at 11mm thickness (only 16.5mm together with your iPad 2). This super-late keyboard case weights just 9.5 ounces. Air-craft grade, aluminum alloy, attractive enclosure is precision-cut and has anodized finish to match your iPad 2 perfectly.

This iPad Bluetooth case provides 2 viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes while assuring full protection for the iPad screen. Your iPad rests on the soft rubber stoppers that are located on the base of each corner to ensure your screen doesn’t come into contact with the keycaps.

The powerful 510 MAH rechargeable lithium polymer will last several weeks of normal use without charging.

I was a little hesitant to get a keyboard case in the beginning as I thought it would defeat the very own purpose of iPad which is the touch screen functionality but over the time, as I used my iPad more often I got convinced that I needed the keyboard. Going through several case options and reading reviews I couldn’t make my mind up. My father has the keyboard case and for some reason I just didn’t like it that much. My cousin came over and had this case with his iPad and I really liked it so I got one. It’s very slim and good looking. I like the very tiny rubber stoppers that this case has at the bottom which make it easier to put on a surface. I have noticed that other keyboard cases don’t have this. Nice addition. Typing with this keyboard is very easy. I use wireless keyboard case at home with my Mac and the layout is very similar so I didn’t even have to get used to it. I would definitely recommend this case and the brand if you’re in the market for a great Bluetooth keyboard case.

It is a great keyboard. Very long battery life, lightweight, great fit, apple-like keycaps; hot keys for shortcuts add a great value to this case at the given price. It’s much cheaper and much better than $90-$100+ keyboard cases in the market that I’ve tried.

This is a solid keyboard case that fits the iPad perfectly. Its slim profile looks really nice and attractive. Bluetooth connection was a breeze. I just had to connect it once and now all I need to do is switch the on/off button on my keyboard case when I want connection. The keycaps are hard plastic, not soft rubber with cheap feel. It is the same as the Apple keyboard. I love this case.


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