Protective Leather Case with Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

Lightweight, silent keystrokes, water-proof and dust-proof PU leather case designed for the Apple iPad 2 models. Protect your iPad 2 from fingerprints, bumps, shocks and scratches.

Protective Leather Case with Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

Protective Leather Case with Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

Protective Leather Case with Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

I just got this today and I would share my impressions. First of all, it came FAST. I ordered on Saturday (holiday weekend) and it came USPS Tuesday afternoon.

The iPad 2 is a tad loose in the holder and a flap comes over the top to hold it in. It doesn’t seem like it would be that secure but I’ve held it upside down and shaken it a little and the iPad stayed put, so I guess it will be o.k. All of the switches and connectors are exposed correctly (including the rear camera) but the speaker is partially covered. Surprisingly, the sound is still acceptable.

The keyboard is the usual bluetooth keyboard with rubbery keys with an acceptable amount of feel. Not too bad, all things considered. After all, I’m not going to write a novel on this thing. Function keys along the top allow you to change the brightness, volume, and provide media controls. Another button acts like the “Home” switch on the iPad; another opens and closes the on-screen keyboard. The keyboard has all of the usual keys which function as expected (although there is no right-side shift key; this didn’t bother me but I know some users find the lack of a right-hand shift key annoying). To give you an idea of the size of the keyboard: the letter keys are about 1/2″ square and the entire keyboard is about 9″ x 4″.

Connecting via bluetooth is fairly easy; turn on the bluetooth radio on the iPad, and then a message box opens up with a four-digit code to type on the keyboard. After that the iPad generally had no problem finding the keyboard to connect (it takes a few seconds). The switch to turn the keyboard on and off is extremely small, and if you don’t have fingernails you may need to use a pen or metal stylus to switch it. I experimented letting the iPad go to sleep, turning off the keyboard, and waiting a while, then turning everything back on. The iPad “remembered” the keyboard and reconnected in a few seconds. Incidentally, hitting a key will “wake” the iPad.

There are a couple of issues that will require some extended usage before I know how to evaluate them. I’m concerned about wear on the flaps being constantly folded back and forth. Right now what I’m guessing is polyurethane “leather” looks fine but I don’t know how well it will wear over time.

Assuming reasonable durability this case/keyboard is a great value. I plan to use this case primarily in situations where I know that I will need to do a lot of typing; most of the time my iPad will be wearing the case. It is really good one. May be you can get one to have a try from


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