How to Call on Keyboard

Skype Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 can be used to call.

Yesterday I was invited to visit one of my friends since she told me a miracle is waiting there for me.

SKYPE Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone for iPad/iPad 2

SKYPE Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone for iPad/iPad 2

As long as I reached her home, she can not wait to show me one keyboard, which let me laugh out loudly. “Oh, my god, this is miracle?! A keyboard for iPad 2 only”! I said. “I will show you how mysterious it is”! She argued seriously.

At first she connected the Bluetooth keyboard to iPad 2 and then, unexpectedly, she used the keyboard to call. I was attracted by this keyboard at once.

It looks like the same as the common keyboard, featuring a slim, stylish design, which is easy to carry where we go. The only difference is that a telephone is designed on the keyboard. It can be used to call or video chat.

My friend told me how to use it:

1. Turn on power switch, Bluetooth keyboard sync indicator lights on and flash slowly, that has eneed the Bluetooth searching state, and the indicator light turns off automatically after 3 seconds.

2. iPad console settings menu, the ‘Bluetooth’ option to select the ‘Open’ state, and press keys on the keyboard FC 2 seconds will turn flash light on the code that has been entered on the keyboard code state, the keyboard and the host will automatically iPad code, the code will be successfully iPad console connection prompt, and asked to enter matching password, then enter the iPad host the 6-digit code displayed, press the ENTER key to confirm the keyboard that smooth connection with the console.

3. To take up the telephone when using, to press the ring off button when stopping using telephone.
With the build-in high capacity lithium battery 400mah, this keyboard for iPad 2 could have a long time durable standby time. 2-3 hours charging time make it last over 60 hours.

More information could be got on


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