A Stylish Flower Leather Shoulder Bag for Cell phone

A stylish flower leather shoulder bag for digital camera and cell phones, features with an adjustable and detachable strap, brings convenience for you in daily use. With high-quality leather material, it offers excellent protection for your value.


Stylish Flower Pattern Leather Bag with Should Belt for Digital Camera and Cell Phones

My eyes were attracted by a flower bag when I passed by one girl on the street last week. In that instant, I had the thought of owning that stylish case, I searched frantically it from google, ebay, alibaba as soon as I got home.

Everything comes to him who waits. I got it finally. but how? from where? You may be suspicious about it. Well, actually, sometimes I didn’t believe myself, because I am so lucky that I have a friend who works in trait-tech, where sells all kinds of cases for cell phone. And that’s her who told me where I can buy the attractive bag.

A few days before, I felt dysphonic because of the mystical and nice case, and my friend got the news and came to visit me. I told her the whole matter. “Oh, boy, just describe it to me, I can help you.” He said and laughed. So I attain the longing and beloved bag.

This is a fashionable and durable shoulder bag for women, featuring with unique pattern design- one flower overlies cutters or lugs, which make it more attractive. In order to more convenient to you, it is designed with an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can’t lost. The strap is durable in use for a long time, you do not worry about it. Looking at it’s surface, we can see a press button which lets the bag more stylish and not be lack of beauty for its over simplified pattern. From the front view, this stylish omen shoulder bag is good for shopping, traveling, etc.

Apart from giving your cell phone a good new look, it also can offer all around external protection. Its soft leather stops your cell phone and camera from damage, scratch and broken caused by daily usage. Moreover, this leather case provides good comfortable feeling while gripping, It is not easy to slide off from your hands.

With brief installation process, what you do is just to open it, insert your cell phone into it and close. Quick and Simple! Of cause, no phone disassembly is required.

This new stylish ladies shoulder bag is costumed for ladies, you can put your mobile, digital camera, keys and so on in this women shoulder bag. Its high-quality bag focuses on superior stitching and neatly turned corners, is finished with durable handles. The fashion women bag is a classic bag that never goes out of style. Try it! And keep pace with times! Do not hesitate, click here: http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-iP4S-5046__stylish-flower-pattern-leather-bag-with-should-belt-for-digital-camera-and-cell-phones.html and more charming cases if you wanna know, try this: www.trait-tech.com



Model and application of the car fog lamps

Auto fog lamps are used for rain fog weather. Because rain in fog weather, the low visibility is very low, the drivers view was limited. And the auto fog lamps light are yellow light, because yellow light has strong penetration, it can raise the driver and the traffic participants visibility, make cars and pedestrians able to find each other in far.


HID Super White Super Bright Car Large Light Bulb Xenon Headlamp Front Fog Lamps (HB4 8000K)

The classification of the car fog lamps

Car fog lamps, according to installation position in car, can be divided into: 1, auto front fog lamps; 2, back fog lamps. According to the using materials, is divided into: 1, gas car fog lamps; 2, the LED car fog lamps.

The model of auto front fog lamps

H1: The H1 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 55 W, the light bulb diameter is8.5 mm, Total length is62.5 mm, lamp holder said for P14.5 s. For example: Picasso, the front fog lamps base model is H1.

H3: The H3 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 55 W, the light bulb diameter is11.5 mm, Total length is42.0 mm, lamp holder is PK 22s. For example: Byd F3, Jeep-2500, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H3

H4: The H4 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 60/55 W, the light bulb diameter is17.0 mm, Total length is92.0 mm, lamp holder is P43t-38. For example: Faw WeiLe, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H4

H7: The H7 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 55 W, the light bulb diameter is11.0 mm, Total length is57.0mm±2.0, lamp holder is PX 26d. For example: Mercedes S series, audi Q5, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H4

H8: The H8 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 35 W, lamp holder is PGJ 19-1. For example: Ford Focus, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H4

H11: The H11 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 55 W, lamp holder is PGJ 19-2, For example: Dongfeng Citroen C2, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H4

9004: The 9004 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 65/45 W, lamp holder is P29t or HB1.

9005: The 9005 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 60 W, lamp holder is P20d or HB3.

9006: The 6006 base auto front fog lamps, whose power is 51 W, lamp holder is P22d or HB4, For example: Toyota WeiChi, Mazda 3, etc. the front fog lamps base models is H4

The model of auto back fog lamps

P21W: P21W, whose power is 21 W, the light bulb diameter is26.5 mm, total length is52.5 mm, can also be called BA15S or 1156. For example: has, xinya way, etc. the front fog lamps base models is P21W

W21W: W21W, whose power is 21 W, can also be called 7440. For example: Mazda 3, etcJapan series car. the front fog lamps base models is P21W

P27W: P27W, whose power is 27W, can also be called 3156.

W16W: W16W, whose power is 16 W, the light bulb diameter is15.2 mm, total length is35.6 mm, lamp holder said for W2.1×9.5d. For example: Audi Q5, the front fog lamps base models is P21W

The position of the car fog lamps

The auto front fog lamps, generally located in the car under the headlight, one left and one right; The auto back fog lamps, are generally located on automobile tail light, and symmetrical with auto reversing light, and on the left is fog lamps, on the right is a fall lamp, i.e., single back fog lamps single reversing light.

After you learn those knowledge about car fog lamps, you may consider let your loved car own its fog lamps, here http://www.trait-tech.com/catalog/Car_Peripherals/Auto-Parts/ you can find almost all model of car fog lamps and car large light bulbs.


Great Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220

Samsung’s become one of the most interesting smart phone firms, and its Galaxy handsets have won deserved applause – not least our coveted Best mobile phone in the world award. It has launched its newest product—the Samsung galaxy note GT-N7000 i9220 for a few days.


2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220

We always came across a problem–that is the mobile powered off when traveling or out for business.

It is clear that most of the web pages are predominantly white, the 5.3″ screen turned into a power-leeching beast that’s hard to feed. A spare battery for the note i9220 is urgently needed.

However, as for most of the batteries, we are not sure about its quality, how about the Samsung i9220 note? A recent investigation will tell us the result.

The GALAXY Note provides you with the ability to freely capture and create ideas anywhere and everywhere. The S Pen is combined with the full touch screen to create a best-in-class mobile input experience. It is the most advanced pen input technology featuring an array of functions including pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more. With the S Pen, you can easily sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Also, the S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note’s native applications to provide a richer interactive experience.

Traditionally, we start with the talk-time test. The Samsung Galaxy Note turned out the best performer of the three handsets we have seen here, surviving an unthinkable 12 hours and 47 minutes of3Gtalk time on a single charge. The result wasn’t that surprising though – with the screen turned off, the power consumption of the Galaxy Note isn’t higher than that of the average smart phone, but the battery is much larger here.

Next is the web browsing test, which was the stage of the Galaxy Note’s worst performance. The Note managed just 3 hours and 35 minutes of continuous browsing.

Finally, and most importantly the Samsung Galaxy Note got an endurance rating of 39, which means that you will have to be plug it in every 39 hours if you do 1 hour of using the stock web browser,3Gcalls and video playback every day.


As a direct result, the Samsung Galaxy Note’s performance in our test was quite unusual. While it got a monstrous score on the telephony part, its web browsing endurance were quite disappointing. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Keep a spare battery at home, in the office or while traveling so you will never miss that important call. This Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 battery is the best replacement to give you extra power.


Be with Children Anytime from Anywhere

No matter where you are, you want to know what’s going on at home. IP camera allows you to monitor your home.


2.4GHz Digital Wireless Security Kit Baby Monitor with 2.5 inch LCD color screen(W241D1)

No matter where we are in the world, we want to know what’s going on at home. Is it safe around our home? Did that package have arrived? Is anyone snooping around our property? Is anyone breaking into our home?

In modern society, we believe everyone should have video surveillance. We believe in affordable video security that seamlessly integrates into our home or business, and is easy enough for anyone to effectively use and enjoy.

Whether we are using video surveillance to watch over our car in the driveway, entrances to our home, children playing as a baby monitor or use it to keep an eye on our business, IP camera is likely to be the perfect option. Trait Tech allows us to monitor our home or business on any internet-enabled computer or phone.

As it is showed by Trait Tech, wireless cameras require no wires between the camera and receiver, so they are simple to install and can be moved easily from one location to the other. Wireless cameras come in many forms and sizes. Most wireless cameras make up standalone surveillance systems, so buying additional equipment is never necessary, which can save us a pretty penny. Baby monitor kits, for example, generally use a wireless camera with a handheld LCD device that could easily connect to any TV, DVR, computer or VCR for viewing. With motion detection options and easy mobility, wireless baby monitors with cameras help us keep our children safe without technology getting in the way. What’s more, the baby monitor allows us to play around with horizontal and vertical effects, zoom in, and adjust the picture and sound. 

The wireless camera is the perfect solution for us to keep an eye on our baby, home, office and more, which makes our life easier than before.


Latest Luxury Leopard Grain Coat for iPhone 4S

Leopard Print with Soft Tail Hard Case for iPhone 4S, protect your phone from dust, scratches and bumps, sexy leopard print design with soft tail, very vivid! make everyone eye on your iPhone.

Super Fashion Cute Leopard Print with Soft Tail Hard Case for iPhone 4S(rose leopard print)

Super Fashion Cute Leopard Print with Soft Tail Hard Case for iPhone 4S(rose leopard print)

Leopard grain has always been popular element as the classical of fashion, charm and sex appeal never stop. Not surprisingly, leopard grain not just appear in clothing, but also in handbags, shoes, underwear, toys, even in cases for iPhone/iPad etc. so there’s a new and stylish way to do your iPhone.

Now, I share a exciting experience with you. The day before yesterday, we several girls tighter went shopping, when we walking through a boutique, we all attracted by this super fashion and cute leopard print with soft tail hard case! Premium and exquisite craftwork, custom designed. Two outstand round panda head, It is so pretty! The soft vivid leopard print, so luxury! The brushy tail on the below can also be a convenient portable thing, very practical. Covers the entire unit to prevent dusts, scratches and bumps, perfectly replace your old, scratched, broken, damaged, cracked iPhone 4 back battery cover

Do you want to learn how to make your very own leopard grain coat for iPhone 4S? Then join the “Latest Luxury Leopard Grain Coat for iPhone 4S” makeover action for your loved iPhone, follow the steps provided below and make your very stylish and luxury costumes on your own iPhone! First of all you have to pick up the leopard grain pattern you like best of all, then tear down your old iPhone case if it dressed, and down the card slot put on the new cute leopard print with soft tail hard case for iPhone 4S, it is ok! You’ll see, it’s so easy and no tools are required!

Believed this amazing stylish leopard grain can catch most people’s eye at first sight, give you a unique happy mood. Enjoy! And this super fashion and cute leopard print with soft tail hard case can be got easily from major wholesalers. Before buying this item, make sure that you make compare the prices and quality from different stores. And one great online site for leopard print with soft tail hard case is: http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-iP4S-4138C__super-fashion-cute-leopard-print-with-soft-tail-hard-case-for-iphone-4s-rose-leopard-print.html a reputable wholesaler that sells original product at affordable price for your reference. And any HELP you can contact with: sales@trait-tech.com.

Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4

Protect your iphone in style with premium silicone Cassette Styled Case. Form fitted design and quality construction will provide the protection your device needs. It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone!! Keep your iphone protected and looking good with our case. You do not need to remove the case entirely


Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4

I ordered this case from www.trait-tech.com and received this phone case for my new iPhone 4. It arrived so quickly and exactly as it was pictured. It fits perfectly and looks wonderful not to mention the incredibly awesome price.

I’ve been using it for about a month. I don’t think it’s too loose for the iphone 4, for me it fits great. However, I don’t care for how it sticks when I pull it out of a pocket. It usually brings my pocket with it, leaving my pants pockets like half inside-out, but I think you’ll have that with any silicone case. It’s true that there’s no opening for the charger to plug into the phone while the case is on, which is my biggest annoyance, but it’s workable. All the other necessary parts are usable with the case on, so I only have to slide the bottom end off occasionally at my desk or overnight while the phone is plugged in. Overall, I think this is a great case. I bought it for the design, and the design is awesome. I get compliments every time I set my phone down. It’s noticed by everyone and is a great conversation starter. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something interesting and different!

This case is adorable! It attracts a lot of attention. People will comment, and it’s quite the conversation starter.

I’m not sure how effective it is in protecting the phone–it seems pretty flimsy. I prefer a flexible case though so that’s fine with me. It’s not too thick either, which I like because I really don’t like a bulky phone case.

It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone! I absolutely love the cassette tape case! It was super cheap, and it arrived in no time at all.
I am very satisfied with the item and will buy again. Everything that was mentioned went very well.


Gym Sport Armband Case for iPhone 4

When you so sports, how to deal with your mobile phone? The sport armband is the best choice!

Yesterday my friend Byron called me that his new iPhone 4 was broken when he playing basketball. It is so pity to hear that. He just used his new mobile phone less than two month! Today when I chat with my friend Queennie, I told this news to her. She works on a foreign trade corporation as a sales manager. She recommended a new product to me which named sport armband case for iPhone 4. She said that if Byron using this armband case when he playing the basketball. The unfortunate thing will not be happened. His iPhone 4 will not be broken.

Gym Sport Armband Case for iPhone 4 4G 4th Gen OS(Black)

Gym Sport Armband Case for iPhone 4 4G 4th Gen OS(Black)

This iPhone armband is a new product, and design for the people when they do sports. The unique style and convenient design makes your daily exercise easy. You needn’t to worry how to deal with your mobile phone when you do sports. Before you haven’t own this product, it may be an upset thing that how to deal with your mobile phone when you want to do exercise. Someone choose to put it at home. But for that you may miss the important call. The call may be a good chance for your work. If you miss the call, it means you missed a good business chance. However, some persons are in fear of miss the important call and put it on theirs pocket when they do sports. For that you will not miss the call, but it is so dangerous to do like that. The phone is easy to fell out your pocket like my friend Byron.

How to deal with? The sport armband case is the best choice. This sport armband can protect your iPhone and iPod Touch from bumps, scratches, dirt, grease, and fingerprints. It is great for the gym or jogging. What a good choice for those who own the Apple iPhone. So if you are fond of doing exercise, don’t hesitate to contact with my friends Queennie to buy this hot selling product.