Enjoy Your Note For a Longer Time

The usual battery for our samsung note i9220 is easily power off, is there a new special battery that can last for a longer time than the usual one! Yes, it is!


Replacement 3.7V 5000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220


I think most of us have met with such kind of condition, our mobile phones are usually easily power off. If you have a new launched samsung mobilephone, this question is really serious. As our samsung note i9220 is a big one, easily let the the power off! When you are using it to enjoy music, or play an exciting game, and the mobilephone remind you that because of the lack of power, the mobilephone will be off in 30 seconds, what an annoying thing! I also get this trouble, and now I try to find a way to solve it.

First way, we could do is like this: try to save the mobilephone power. Choose the model: power save, then your mobilephone power will last for a little longer time than usual. However, this way can hardly definitely solve the problem, as when you have the needs to play game, the power will also run out quickly!

Now, I have found the second way. The best way is to change a battery. The way I mean is not just add in a battery for note i9220. The way I mean is choosing a battery that is more powerful than the usual one, the battery which has more powerful capacity! Now, searching on the internet, I have easily found a website called: trait-tech. The website is a great one, you could see a lot of mobile phone accessories! Also I have found the battery for Samsung note i9220! It is a quite different one when comparing with the usual ones. The capacity of it is about 5000mAh, while the usual one is just about 2650mAh! Besides, it is thicker than the usual one, so to make it possible to fit for the original Samsung note, it has a battery cover along with it to cover the special battery! Now, with the help of this kind of battery, you could enjoy music or play games for a long time!



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