iPhone 4 LCD vs. Digitizer

I was wondering what the difference is between the LCD screen and digitizer on the iPhone. But I finally got the answer in this article.


iPhone 4 Digitizer Touch Panel Screen With LCD Display Screen + Flex Cable + Supporting Frame – Black

The iPhone’s display system is composed of three layers. The top layer is a glass screen to protect. The middle layer is a digitizer to detect touch events. The bottom layer is a LCD to output the display. 

The outermost layer of an iPhone’s touch screen system is the screen. The screen is made of glass and can crack, which may cause a single line or a webbed series lines and breaks.

The digitizer is a transparent layer, encased on the exterior by a glass screen and on the interior by the LCD. The digitizer is made of glass and is bound to the outer glass screen by a thin layer of clear epoxy.

The LCD is used to show the images we see on the screen. It is the bottom layer of iPhone’s touch screen system. There is no way to separate the LCD screen from digitizer.

If digitizer is cracked or broken, we should still be able to see the screen clearly through the cracks on the outer glass/digitizer. Its touch functionality should still be intact. In other cases, the touch functionality will cease to worker for no apparent reason. If this happens and we can still see the screen clearly, the digitizer is defective.

If LCD screen is damaged, the display would be either completely blank, very dim, or parts of the screen will not show anything at all while other parts of the screen display just fine. In some cases, both of the digitizer and LCD screen are broken.

In a word, the LCD screen on the iPhone is the actual display. The digitizer is the glass on top of the LCD screen. Without the digitizer, touching the screen would not do anything at all. Without LCD screen, no images will be displayed at all.

The pictures for LCD screen and digitizer of iPhone could be got on www.trait-tech.com.



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