Exploration of Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic Cigar (E-Cigar) with 36pcs Cartridges,Wooden Style(701-36)


No smoking in public, catch fire by smoking, new laws regarding make smokers not easy to find a place to smoke, we now have a revolutionary solution and product that will help you. It is E-cigarette. A tobacco alternative that you can use without filling your lungs with tar, carbon monoxide and all the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

What E-cigarette is exactly? The main part is atomized cartridge, The atomized cartridge is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container. The liquid container contains nicotine which are ready to be atomized; it does not contain ingredients harmful to human body, such as tar and carcinogenic substance. The inhaler and liquid container are disposable. According to nicotine content, the atomized cartridges are classified into four kinds: high(16mg), medium(11mg), low(6g) and zero(0mg). Cartridge with high, medium or low nicotine content are only used as the substitute for cigarette during the process of smoke abstention, and the cartridge free of nicotine is for long-term use.

What Advantages electronic cigarettes have? Let this article tells you several items. Firstly, electronic cigarettes contain none of the carcinogenic chemicals are usually found in regular cigarette smoke. Secondly, Other than nicotine, all the listed ingredients are certified food-safe and do very little damage to your health. There is no carbon monoxide in the electronic cigarette. Thirdly, Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than smoking. fourthly, no chance of harming others with second hand smoke. The lack of real smoke also keeps the smell associated with smoking away. Fifth, The sensation of smoking an e-cigarette is very similar to smoking regular tobacco, but minus the harm. Sixth, No ignition required, without the danger hence caused by over 4000 chemical substance produced by the ordinary cigarettes, like carbon monoxide. seventh, No possibility to cause fire. It can be used safely in most No-smoking places. According to the smoke-quitting procedure, the target of quitting smoke can be reached non-painfully within a certain period of time.

What situations and people electronic cigarettes are suitable for? They are suitable for the people who have been smoking for a long period of time, and suffering uncomfortable feeling; the people working in no-smoking places but with the habit of smoking; the smokers who want to quit smoking, painless smoking abstention can be realized gradually by decreasing nicotine content.

Even though electronic cigarette is a good thing, there are some people that are forbidden to use. For example: minors under 18 years old; people without the habit of smoking; people sensitive to cigarette or any other ingredients in the inhalant; pregnant and breast feeding women.

Exploration place: http://www.trait-tech.com/catalog/Wholesale-Electronics/E_Cigarette/



Put a Battery Pack on Your Wrist-Watch Power Charger Battery

Watch power charger battery is a perfect option for an emergency power supply, can charge 6 different models of electric devices at the same time. This charger provides a convenient way to carry around some extra energy reserves to power the growing number of gadgets.

Portable and Multifunctional Watch Design Wrist Power Charger Battery

Portable and Multifunctional Watch Design Wrist Power Charger Battery


Imagine this: when you are waiting for an emergency phone or call somebody to pick up you when are lost in some strange place, that is to say, when you need your mobile phone the most, your phone is out of power. What an unlucky and spiny trouble you have to face! What you need is portable and power charger battery which can save you from that situation effectively.

Look at this universal wrist charger, rather it’s right near your fingertips I should say, when you need it. It is right at your fingertips. The design of this wrist power charger enables you to actually use both charger and your gadget while being able to move around. There’s no need to place a bulky charger on a desk or table and be tethered to one location, the wrist charger stays close to your hand that holds your phone. It functions perfectly.

This multifunctional wrist charger is useful for people who own a lot of gadgets because it lets you simultaneously charge your different models of phones with a single power cord. And it features in charging your device on your wrist where you can get it conveniently and quickly when you need it. This Wrist Portable Battery fits snugly on your wrist and acts as an excellent direct power source and emergency power supply for all your favorite hadnheld electronics. You have access to get your outlets while you are on the go. You will never worry that your phone is low power even though you are on a long trip. Otherwise, mini watch design makes you stylish and attractive in crowd. It ensures less weight.

This wrist power contains rechargeable 1500mAh Li-ion battery cells and is designed to accommodate all your portable electronics via 6 different power connectors, can compatible with Nokia2, Sony PSP, Mini USB, NDS lite, Samsung, and iPhone. It can charge up via USB cable. With 4 power level LED indicators in watch power charger, allows you easily see how much power left and about how long it would take you to charge your phone. The battery band includes a coiled extension cord which allows your gadgets to connect to the device and could possibly reach gadgets in your pocket, by stretching it and snaking it up your arm.

Now you’ll have plenty of power to get through long days traveling. When you reach your destination, simply plug your bracer in and charge its battery back up so you’re ready with plenty of entertainment for the long trip home.

Now you’ll have plenty of power to get through long days traveling. When you reach your destination, simply plug your bracer in and charge its battery back up so you’re ready with plenty of entertainment for the long trip home. Brace yourself for power shortages with this wrist charger from trait-tech, and the website blow is right your choice and tells you more about it.          



A Special Gift for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200

This practical case is 360 degree rotating, both portrait and landscape modes while in the case, fold in the right place to become perfect stand for your face time, watching movie or typing.

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 is not a cheap snack, we may purchase it with long time budget, because it is useful, we need it surf the Internet, watch video, listen to music and so on. So a not cheap budget treasures, a tab that you use everyday, some scratches, bumps, thumb prints, dusts and friction is inevitable, those things must bring you some unpleasant feeling, how to avoid those headache things? Look here, 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200, a perfect gift for your loved Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200.

Why this smart case is special and perfect? After you reading her carefully, you will get a surprise gift for your tab as well as yourself.

This 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 will give you a stylish, compact and lightweight feeling, give you direct vision attraction, you’re your tab from scratches, bumps, thumb prints, dusts and friction. the exterior is made of high quality artificial leather, comfortable to touch, luxury to look, super soft interior lining adds color and protects the device against scratches, Soft leather outer and inner gives tactile and aesthetic appeal and adds strength and durability to the case. The form-fitted design securely holds the Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 inright place, hard-sided exterior and scratch-resistant interior provides quality sturdy protection for the model. In addition, the sophisticated styling of the rotating smart stand case features a unique, patent-pending mechanism, offers two viewing positions, allows the model to rotate both vertically and horizontally while in the case, a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen, a high angle is convenient for face time and watching TV. so two positions and 360 degree rotation allow you to transition between landscape and portrait options optionally for easy viewing without removing your Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 from the case. And the case is designed to fold back, so you can read with just one hand! Precise cut-outs fit perfectly and let all the ports open, so easy access to all buttons and ports without remove the case.

As the saying is details decide to loss or succeed, this 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 owns a black elastic bandage, this make it very steady when you close your Samsung Galaxy tab, you needn’t worry about your tab will slide out by accident, this warming design let you have excellent time with your tab anytime and anywhere.

So what else to hesitate to? Bring this customed gift for you Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200, here, http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-SSP6200-5002B__360-degree-rotating-leather-stand-cover-smart-case-for-samsung-galaxy-tab-p6200-pink.html start your happy cooperate journey!


How to Own Accessories for iPad 3 at the First Time

During the past few months, with the outflow of photos from various sources, Apple’s next-generation tablet PC iPad 3 is also beginning to emerge in front of us  So how about the accessories? Where to find the accessories for iPad 3?

But the rumor is just rumor, which without the exact information.

Apple iPad 3 is coming soon. Apple conference will be held in early March to release the next generation Tablet PC iPad 3. After the official release, the product will be available shortly. In addition, it is said that the Apple iPad 3 is with the display of different sizes, including4Gsupport, and its storage capacity is greater than the old version of equipment. Expected that the iPad 2 close to a large extent with the iPad. In view of this, the iPad 3 should be a great success. With the old version of iPad, the iPad 3 is very likely to be beginning of great success and continued until the iPad 4 come out.

So where can we find the iPad 3 accessories such as protective shell, screen stickers, charger, data cable, bracket?

Now the Trait-tech company, being as one of the greatest leading companies in Shenzhen, China, is stepping up producing the accessories for iPad 3. They will be put on shelf http://www.trait-tech.com at the first time when the iPad 3 is being published. As for other accessories for iPad 3, please refer to www.trait-tech.com.

And there will be over 1000 styles cases for iPad 3 soon on www.trait-tech.com. Here I just list some styles for you. For example, you will see those for the first time: Crocodile Lines Flip Leather Case, 3D Hard Case with Skull Heads, Cute Cat Wallet Style Leather Pouch Case, and Bumper Frame Case Cover, Chromed Electroplating Hard Case, Shiny Big Stone Jewelry Case Cover, TPU case, Silicone case, Mickey Mouse Rubber Skin Case.

If you want to know all those accessories at the first time, please contact Bob, the sales manager of Trait-tech Company. He is kind and professional. He is glad to explain those for you and do you a favor.



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Medicine on time for Your Health

Many people are suffering from different kinds of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary disease, and other heart diseases. And most of these diseases are occurred on elderly group. People are forgetful when he is old or busy on other things. Therefore, forget to take medicine timely becomes a headache for patients.
A 65 years old woman died atLalaLajpatRaiHospital on Tuesday as she forget to take the pills timely.

From the above tragedy, we came to light that how important it is for patients to take pills on time.

When Should I Take My Medicine?

The rushed doctor and the busy pharmacist often neglect to tell patients the best time to take pills. Taking certain medicines at specific times will make the drugs more effective to combat the illness the drugs have been prescribed for.

The most effective time to take blood pressure medicine depends on how long your particular prescription. If your blood pressure medicine works for 24 hours and should be taken at night. Blood pressure medications that work for 8-12 hours should be taken in the morning. A person is most likely to have a heart attack in the morning, 24 hour blood pressure medicine taken at night will be most effective in the early morning hours. Shorter lasting blood pressure medicines, the 8-12 hours type, need to be taken first thing in the morning to be most effective in warding off a heart attack.

Any time you are prescribed medication, always ask your doctor and/or pharmacist when is the most effective time to take the drug, if they don’t volunteer that information first. Consistently taking your medicine at the right time of day will enable the drugs to produce the most effective results for your illness.

Is there a tool like the alarm to remind the patients take medicine timely?

The answer is totally yes. A new invention is designed to provide a medicine box that has the function of automatically reminding a user of taking the medicine. The medicine box is characterized in that the medicine box is provided with a timer. The timer is provided with an LED. The timer adopts a ring structure as selective preference so that the timer can be sheathed on the medicine. The medicine box has the advantages of simple structure and is easy to be used, so the medicine box can provide great convenience for the old and the sick.


This Medicine Box Timer can remind you of everything, such as taking medicine, decocting Chinese herbal medicine, body building and traveling.

Caring for the Elderly-Big Button FM Radio Mobile Phone Gift

A high quality big button senior cell phone, especially designed for the elder, with the exception of helping you keep in touch with your parents, it can bring a convenience for the old man-big button, loud speaker, longer standby.

When I was hesitating what I would buy for my grandmother for the 2012 New Year coming, I was luckily advised a quiet appropriate and wonderful gift by one of my colleague-a quad band big keypad senior cell phone.

According to her suggestion, I browsed the website of trait-tech at first, where I could buy the big button phone. I became interested in it, because I was conscious of which is a best chose.

On my way to home, I always was in a good mood, “I will back with my family! I will see my dear parent, and I will give my grandma a big surprise in a few hours!” these words was kept echoing in my mind along the way.

Under my expectation, my grandma felt excited and was moved by me, “kind girl!” she said to me with tears in her eyes.

What I am introduced is a quad band big keypad torch SOS color screen mobile FM 1.8 Inch cell phone, which is specially designed for the one need help, especially the old. Its central features as follows:

Big button: Consists of 16 keys on cell phone, and each of them is big enough for old man, so that the old can know where they should press correctly, though they are amblyopic.

Color screen: With orange screen, it enables user to see the screen clearly even in darkness. Color screen contribute to a better sight.

Loud speaker: With control key on side to turn up or turn down the volume, the lowest voice can assure people hear it clearly.

Longer standby time: It can last up to 72-hour standby and talk time up to 100 minutes, which provides a convenience use.

FM radio: You can pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are and lets user easy to get news, music and other entertainments.

SOS: One-touch emergency on back makes the old can easy find help when in trouble, the quad band cell phone can give you a more health relaxing environment to your communication life. Also, this senior phone lets user contact pre-set number in case of emergency by sending message or phone call.

Fully unlocked: Works on all four main GSM frequency bands for great reception world wide
Besides those characteristic above, the senior cell phone also is built with front torch which can lightens the way in dark for the old. Owing to a 4GB-TF-card can be supported; you can download your favorite music in this phone. And the trait-tech offers a competitive price for you. In a word, it is your best value phones. Buy one for your parents and keep in touch with them from now on:


Choice a new coat for your iphone 4

iPhone4 series has revolutionized the smart phones world. There are very few phone products today which can compete with the iPhone4 on the basis of its appearance, applications and technology. Owning an iPhone4 is the dream of many young people and business peopleall because of its concise appearance and a lot of easy to operation applications

For a phone that owns a 4 inch display and is fully touch sensitive, covers or cases are almost a necessity for its protection. For this dreaming phone, the cases for iPhone must be designed not only for protection but also to match the class and quality of the product. So the overall design and the quality of the material are equaled important for safe guard the iPhone from scratches and strains, convenient to use and visual attractive.

The most important function of a case is, naturally, to guard your phone against harm, but you can also choose one you like the appearance of. When considering purchasing accessories for your iPhone 4, you may need some ideas and possibilities.

Combine the fashion with the soft feelings, silicon cases for iphone4 is a good choice, these soft covers provide a strong grip for the phone and ensures your iPhone4 stays safe. and silicon cases generally cost few but good texture. For example,


Credit Card Style Silicone Case for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4

this credit card style silicone case for iPhone 4/4S, advanced durable material and popular style, precisely cutouts remain accessible to all ports and buttons without tear down case.

Leather has been a symbol of luxury and comfort, for your loved iphone, a leather coat is it should get.


Stylish Flower Pattern Leather Bag with Should Belt for Digital Camera and Cell Phones

This novel stylish flower pattern leather case with should belt for digital camera and cell phones, the flower shape design makes this bag beautiful and attractive. Protects your mobile phone against scratches, dirt, and oils caused by daily usage, two detachable straps, long one for shoulder bag, short one can be use as a wristlet bag. Does this leather bag practical for your iPhone?

You can also purchase cases for iPhone that studded with diamond. Luxurious 3D rhinestone diamonds, give gorgeous visual feast and instantly fascinate. This Luxurious Rhinestone Diamond Crystal Peacock with Plastic Back Skin Hard Case for iPhone 4/ 4S


Luxurious Rhinestone Diamond Crystal Peacock with Plastic Back Skin Hard Case for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S

Fascinates you? Specialized in 3D blink diamond series swarovski crystal iPhone 4 case, blink your iPhone with our custom made swarovski diamond rhinestone cases, Cut outs for power and volume buttons including charging port, specifically designed to shelter your iPhone dust, shock, scratches and bumps and other daily damage that caused to your phone

Besides the iPhone 4 cases from apple one can also go on for cases from other manufacturers that are specially made for the iPhone http://trait-tech.com/catalog/IpodIphoneAccessories/iPhone-4-Cases/ Go ahead and style your phone the way you want it.