For Driver Safety, Nonsleep is the Best Choice

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Numerous injuries and deaths are caused each year by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. While the obvious answer to this problem is to not drive if you’re tired, people will still do it. Here is a best gift for the drivers to keep your awake and safe when driving alone.

Wake Up Driver Alarm Safety Prevent from Fall Asleep Ear

Wake Up Driver Alarm Safety Prevent from Fall Asleep Ear

Do you multi-task while you drive? Maybe you have to or you are confident to do that, however, “safety first” works for everyone!

A vigilant driver however, constantly does that. There are though some things you should be aware of in driving, as danger can come stealthy. Falling asleep due to fatigue is a constant danger especially for long distance drives. Driving when you are tired can lead to disastrous consequences. It was estimated that 300 people a year are killed in the cases where the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Keep in mind that the risk of falling asleep while driving is the greatest between midnight and 6 am and 2-4 pm. This has the potential to affect all drivers, yet, people for whom driving is their job are evidently exposed more to this risk. The work related crashes represent 40% of the sleep related accidents and typically involve the commercial vehicles.

Also, drugs and alcohol consumption, as well as certain medicines can cause sleepiness making your body more tired. The worst part in such cases is that you don’t even feel or realize that you are more tired than usual.

Tips for staying awake at the wheel:

a. Rest, take a break! Whenever you feel that you need one.

b. Prepare for your journey in such a way to take into account that you need a 15 minutes break every two hours of driving.

c. Drink coffee or some other high caffeine drink to keep you awake. This is an effective method of fighting fatigue.

d. If possible try a new product — Wake Up Driver Alarm Safety Prevent from Fall Asleep Ear

Nodding off at the wheel can put you and other drivers at risk for an accident. This amazing little thing will be the best friend for all the drivers.

Please note:

On the device there is a little lever switch, shift it to the right towards ON

Test that it is working properly by tilting it forward, if it beeps then it is at working state.

Place behind your right ear and adjust, it should be placed correctly for effectiveness. Your head should not nod more than 30 degrees (the less the better), before it beeps.

Incorrect usage may result in delayed reaction

The information provided on this site is only meant as a guide


To drive safe, for your sake, your loved ones’ and innocent eventual victims is something that drivers should always keep in mind.



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