Latest Waterproof SWIMMING FM Radio MP3 Player for Water Sports

Underwater MP3 player allows you enjoy the favorite music and unlimited music without any trouble when you are swimming or diving. It works wonderfully while in water. With additional feature of FM radio, lets you enjoy variety of music.



Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player with FM Radio


A majority of people have been accustomed to live with music. They hope they can have the company of music no matter when and where they are. When they’re running, cycling walking or doing any other sports, they like taking music with them. There is no reason when you go swimming should they depart from music. Now use this excellent and comfortable underwater mp3 player from trait-tech, it works effectively.

The waterproof MP3 player is made of water resistant materials, which designed for water sports, lets you synchronize your music and surfing experience, provides special protection against water infiltration. Not only the unit is designed with waterproof material but also the ear buds are devised to prevent water from entering your ears. Ergonomic design, it is suitable for all kinds of sports.

This waterproof MP3 player has high fidelity stereo quality, whether you enjoy Rock, Pop, or classical music, whether you are diving, surfing or running, you will thoroughly enjoy the clarity and quality of the music provided by this player. That’s to say, it makes you enjoy clear audio at anytime and anywhere. It sounds perfectly! And with its built-in rechargeable lithium battery. On a full charge, it can operates up to a 8-hour-long continuous operating time.

This waterproof MP3 player looks great; it comes in a cylindrical compact form factor shape, comfortable and convenient for swimming, allowing it to be easily carried with you on your underwater explorations. Otherwise, user-friendly operation interface allows you easy to access to your music while you are doing vigorous sport activities.

This waterproof MP3 player has the function of FM radio, you have more choices to listen music It lets you keep up with the latest news and traffic reports or just listen to the music station you’re in the mood for.

This waterproof MP3 player from trait-tech has two-kind of storage-2GB and 4GB. Both of them can download more your favorite music in this waterproof Mp3 player. You can conveniently transfer data from the computer with the USB 2.0 interface into this SWIMMING mp3 player.

With this cool waterproof player, you can enjoy your favorite music with carefree abandon while diving, swimming, surfing etc in your favorite sea or pool. And thoroughly enjoy the clarity and quality of the music. It brings you unusual and exquisite feeling when listen to it in water, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this waterproof MP3 player. Just take it home and enjoy yourself! You will be totally pleased by the purchase. Come to trait-tech, to get what you want! And below is the website where you can contact to get more details:




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