Caring for the Elderly-Big Button FM Radio Mobile Phone Gift

A high quality big button senior cell phone, especially designed for the elder, with the exception of helping you keep in touch with your parents, it can bring a convenience for the old man-big button, loud speaker, longer standby.

When I was hesitating what I would buy for my grandmother for the 2012 New Year coming, I was luckily advised a quiet appropriate and wonderful gift by one of my colleague-a quad band big keypad senior cell phone.

According to her suggestion, I browsed the website of trait-tech at first, where I could buy the big button phone. I became interested in it, because I was conscious of which is a best chose.

On my way to home, I always was in a good mood, “I will back with my family! I will see my dear parent, and I will give my grandma a big surprise in a few hours!” these words was kept echoing in my mind along the way.

Under my expectation, my grandma felt excited and was moved by me, “kind girl!” she said to me with tears in her eyes.

What I am introduced is a quad band big keypad torch SOS color screen mobile FM 1.8 Inch cell phone, which is specially designed for the one need help, especially the old. Its central features as follows:

Big button: Consists of 16 keys on cell phone, and each of them is big enough for old man, so that the old can know where they should press correctly, though they are amblyopic.

Color screen: With orange screen, it enables user to see the screen clearly even in darkness. Color screen contribute to a better sight.

Loud speaker: With control key on side to turn up or turn down the volume, the lowest voice can assure people hear it clearly.

Longer standby time: It can last up to 72-hour standby and talk time up to 100 minutes, which provides a convenience use.

FM radio: You can pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are and lets user easy to get news, music and other entertainments.

SOS: One-touch emergency on back makes the old can easy find help when in trouble, the quad band cell phone can give you a more health relaxing environment to your communication life. Also, this senior phone lets user contact pre-set number in case of emergency by sending message or phone call.

Fully unlocked: Works on all four main GSM frequency bands for great reception world wide
Besides those characteristic above, the senior cell phone also is built with front torch which can lightens the way in dark for the old. Owing to a 4GB-TF-card can be supported; you can download your favorite music in this phone. And the trait-tech offers a competitive price for you. In a word, it is your best value phones. Buy one for your parents and keep in touch with them from now on:


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