Medicine on time for Your Health

Many people are suffering from different kinds of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary disease, and other heart diseases. And most of these diseases are occurred on elderly group. People are forgetful when he is old or busy on other things. Therefore, forget to take medicine timely becomes a headache for patients.
A 65 years old woman died atLalaLajpatRaiHospital on Tuesday as she forget to take the pills timely.

From the above tragedy, we came to light that how important it is for patients to take pills on time.

When Should I Take My Medicine?

The rushed doctor and the busy pharmacist often neglect to tell patients the best time to take pills. Taking certain medicines at specific times will make the drugs more effective to combat the illness the drugs have been prescribed for.

The most effective time to take blood pressure medicine depends on how long your particular prescription. If your blood pressure medicine works for 24 hours and should be taken at night. Blood pressure medications that work for 8-12 hours should be taken in the morning. A person is most likely to have a heart attack in the morning, 24 hour blood pressure medicine taken at night will be most effective in the early morning hours. Shorter lasting blood pressure medicines, the 8-12 hours type, need to be taken first thing in the morning to be most effective in warding off a heart attack.

Any time you are prescribed medication, always ask your doctor and/or pharmacist when is the most effective time to take the drug, if they don’t volunteer that information first. Consistently taking your medicine at the right time of day will enable the drugs to produce the most effective results for your illness.

Is there a tool like the alarm to remind the patients take medicine timely?

The answer is totally yes. A new invention is designed to provide a medicine box that has the function of automatically reminding a user of taking the medicine. The medicine box is characterized in that the medicine box is provided with a timer. The timer is provided with an LED. The timer adopts a ring structure as selective preference so that the timer can be sheathed on the medicine. The medicine box has the advantages of simple structure and is easy to be used, so the medicine box can provide great convenience for the old and the sick.


This Medicine Box Timer can remind you of everything, such as taking medicine, decocting Chinese herbal medicine, body building and traveling.


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