A Special Gift for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200

This practical case is 360 degree rotating, both portrait and landscape modes while in the case, fold in the right place to become perfect stand for your face time, watching movie or typing.

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 is not a cheap snack, we may purchase it with long time budget, because it is useful, we need it surf the Internet, watch video, listen to music and so on. So a not cheap budget treasures, a tab that you use everyday, some scratches, bumps, thumb prints, dusts and friction is inevitable, those things must bring you some unpleasant feeling, how to avoid those headache things? Look here, 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200, a perfect gift for your loved Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200.

Why this smart case is special and perfect? After you reading her carefully, you will get a surprise gift for your tab as well as yourself.

This 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 will give you a stylish, compact and lightweight feeling, give you direct vision attraction, you’re your tab from scratches, bumps, thumb prints, dusts and friction. the exterior is made of high quality artificial leather, comfortable to touch, luxury to look, super soft interior lining adds color and protects the device against scratches, Soft leather outer and inner gives tactile and aesthetic appeal and adds strength and durability to the case. The form-fitted design securely holds the Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 inright place, hard-sided exterior and scratch-resistant interior provides quality sturdy protection for the model. In addition, the sophisticated styling of the rotating smart stand case features a unique, patent-pending mechanism, offers two viewing positions, allows the model to rotate both vertically and horizontally while in the case, a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen, a high angle is convenient for face time and watching TV. so two positions and 360 degree rotation allow you to transition between landscape and portrait options optionally for easy viewing without removing your Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 from the case. And the case is designed to fold back, so you can read with just one hand! Precise cut-outs fit perfectly and let all the ports open, so easy access to all buttons and ports without remove the case.

As the saying is details decide to loss or succeed, this 360 Degree Rotating Leather Stand Cover Smart Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 owns a black elastic bandage, this make it very steady when you close your Samsung Galaxy tab, you needn’t worry about your tab will slide out by accident, this warming design let you have excellent time with your tab anytime and anywhere.

So what else to hesitate to? Bring this customed gift for you Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200, here, http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-SSP6200-5002B__360-degree-rotating-leather-stand-cover-smart-case-for-samsung-galaxy-tab-p6200-pink.html start your happy cooperate journey!



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