iPad 3 Released on March 7th!

March 7th! March 7th! March 7th!

Why this day is so special?

I know it is the expected birthday of my neice.

However, for the fantastic fans of Apple, it is the birthday of iPad 3.




Invitations have been sent yesterday confirming the iPad 3 announcement on March 7th. Since the confirmation, there has been speculation on availability and specifications of the upcoming tablet.

Just as the iPad 2 made its launch in the 3rd month last year, the iPad 3 is supposedly going to follow suit. According to their sources Apple is going to setup an event inSan Francisco in which it will show the first glimpses of the upcoming iPad 3. In short, you can expect the iPad 3 to be unveiled in the first week of March. We all have been talking for the iPad 3 for so long. A better screen, better camera and a better processor are some of the features to be expected in the iPad 3.

Apple has always had a very secretive history regarding any new information about their new products but if we are going to base our predictions on the shortcomings of the iPad 2, the expectations for the new iPad 3 would be quite high. New technologies in other apple products like the iPhone 4S would probably be expected to jump the product barrier and find them in the latest iPad 3.

Although people have an idea of what to expect in the iPad 3,it is always nice to see design concepts from creative developers around the globe. One such design concept has been showcased by Aatma Studio, and many are saying it is one of the best ever seen. The concept-makers have toyed with the idea of an edge-to-edge screen for a long time now. If you see the video, two iPad3’s are joined together to allow a 3D simulated football match with complete laser beamed controls at either side of the devices.

About the Name of iPad 3

Some unsubstantiated rumors had been floating around that the next iPad 3 might be called the iPad 2S. But there’s a more interesting bit out there now that it might actually be the iPad HD, based on factory numbering fromGriffin


The question on everyone’s mind is would apple really be coming out with an iPad that can meet the consumer and industry expectations and stay abreast amidst tough competition from other tablet manufacturer’s like Samsung’s Galaxy products. Keep following your favorite iPad 3 blog and stay up-to-date minute-by-minute.



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