Expected Features of The iPad 3

iPad 3 is coming in March 7th! The Apple iPad is one of the best-selling tablets in the world, and the iPad 3 is one of the most anticipated devices from Apple this year. This article explains you about the new features that are to be included in the iPad 3.

Why should we buy a iPad 3? Is there any expected features?

Apart from all the features ipad 2 has, the iPad 3 will have a lighter battery, reducing the weight of the tablet. However, the battery is reported to cost 20 to 30 percent more than the current iPad’s battery, and will also have a longer battery life.

It is also expected that the iPad 3 will have a wireless charging technology, which will be able to charge the battery and transfer data wirelessly.

ipad 3 accessories

ipad 3 accessories


The word is that Apple is currently busy organizing the apps which will be used to show off the slate, with a focus on graphics oriented apps to best demonstrate the new high resolution display.

The new screen is rumored to be a colossal 2048×1536 (QXGA) affair, a massive step on from the iPad 2, and a pin-sharp “retina” display which is going to blow other tablets out of the water when it comes to visuals.

The iPad 2 and iPad 3 should fill the demand for this sort of device and continue to do so for years to come. What would an iPad 4 do that would make everyone want to trade up for the latest version?
The iPad 3 will come with an improved camera, since the previous version of the table didn’t seem impressive enough. Unlike the iPad 2, the new tablet will come with LED flash to support the camera. It is expected to have a 5MP camera with 1080p or 720p video recording quality of 60 frames per second. The technology made by OmniVision will help reduce the size of the table by 20 percent.


These are the fantastic features of the newly coming iPad 3. It is really a good news for fans of apple. Now it is time for you to sell your old ipad 2, and trade on ipad3. I even can’t help dreaming such a new 3D tablet PC.



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