Not Follow Up the Fashion Trend, but Lead the Fashion Trend

In this world, majority of people are following up the fashion trend everyday. So do the companies. But there is a famous Trading company Trait-tech which I knew do not follow up the fashion trend, but lead the fashion trend.
If you always shopping online, you will be familiar with a trading company Trait-tech, because it do not follow up the fashion trend, but lead the fashion trend.
You can find lots of fashionable cases there.
Here I list 3 items which rank at the top of fashion list.
Top 1. Fantastic Heat Color Changing Cases for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S

Fantastic heat color changing cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S brings back those fond memories with its quirky heat-activated exterior finish that shows your fingerprints and hand print when picked up in a different color. Alternatively you can put this heat-sensitive case to other goods.  Moreover, if you want to know if someone just played around with your iPhone while you were on a leave, this case will help you to find the prier. Furthermore, newest design makes you more fashionable. Case changes its color when the temperature varies. The colors changes distinctly when the temperature varies from 22 Celsius to 43 Celsius; Color changes when the case is touched, held or wrapped; 15 colors are available: Red, Rose, Rubine Red, Bright Red, Orange, Yellow, Moss Green, Prasinous, Green, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black;
Top 2. 2012 New Luminous and Osmanthus Fragrance Golio/Guoguo/Gampsocleis Inflata Uv Silicone Case for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4.

It is with high degree of protection against scratches, dust; etc Magic design gives your iPhone fancy looking. Moreover, it is with osmanthus fragrance and luminous, different colors have different light. This case is made of soft silicone material which can protect your iPhone 4 from scratches, dust, shock and bump; and it offers an excellent hand feel.
Top 3 Avant-Garde Series Polycarbonate Structures Hard Case for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4


Avant-Garde series are the 3d polycarbonate structures on the back;
The Avant-Garde is great protective solution that is fun, light and eye-catching; Unique sculptural design for enhanced tactile and grip sensation for added protection; Super strong Ultra Frame made from durable polycarbonate, protecting all impact points;
If you want to view more top selling cases, please contact Bob, the sales manager of Trait-tech Company. He is kind and professional. He is glad to explain those for you and do you a favor.



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