Egg Boliler Bring Convenient Nutrition for Your Family

Egg Boliler Bring Convenient Nutrition for Your Family

Egg Boliler Bring Convenient Nutrition for Your Family

Eggs contain a lot of nutrients that your body will surely need. The white part known as the egg white is very rich in protein. This will help you build new muscles in your body. The damaged muscles can also be repaired by this. egg yellow contain rich lecithin, it is very good to brain. For mental workers, eating eggs can keep energetic, for kids, it is very necessary for growing. Make sure that you have enough proteins from eggs. You have to remember that there are a lot of eggs that you will find in the market today. Eggs from pigeons, chicken and quail are some of the most popular. You can cook these eggs in a lot ways. There are some good tips that you can remember for you to cook the eggs to perfection as you like it. According to the scientific research, take the absorption of nutrition and the digestion rate speaking, boiler is 100%, scrambled eggs for 97%, 98% for tender fried, old fried is 81.1%, the boiled water and milk egg rushed for 92.5%, raw for 30% ~ 50%. So boiler is a best way. but how to boil?

Boiling egg is just easy to do. You need not to study and spend a lot of time to learn it. One trivia that you need to know is that eggs can be cooked in a microwave too. But you have to remember that it can be very messy if you do not know how to do it correctly. There are some tips that you have to know regarding this.
First, have a Microwave Oven Egg Boiler, then you put 1-4 eggs onto a little internal aluminum rack. Beneath that aluminum “protective cage”, in the plastic base, you put water, up to the marked line. You put the rack-with-eggs on top of the water, and then the egg top goes on top of course. So the water in the base DOES heat up because it’s not shielded. You are in essence ONLY cooking the water. The water then steams the eggs.
The cooker itself pops open in to 3 parts – the egg top, egg bottom, and the “rack” and all 3 go into the dishwasher without any problem. Super easy clean up. It’s not even like they are “dirty” – they only touched water, after all. So really you could just wipe them down if you wanted to. As for boil time, it is depended on what favor do you like. light for 3-5 minutes, hard for 6-10 minutes.
This chicken shape Microwave Oven is very delicate, its size is: 14 * 13 * 12cm; Single Weight: 0.193 kg, and make of Plastic PC + aluminum. Detailed Features:
Safety convenient microwave oven boiled eggs function, and can keep eggs moisture, taste fresh and tender, rich in nutrition;
Once can evaporate four eggs, pre-set time, need not to care about, a few minutes will be ready for you busy morning save time;
Through the microwave heating to choose the length of time in Lebanon, old three different, the degree of maturity, meet you and your family needs of different flavors;
You can also use it to steamed bread, dumplings and other food;
Specially designed at the bottom of the water trough to effectively prevent accumulation of water into microwave oven;
The eggs whole into the Egg from the superstructure are chassis tightly;
When microwave oven set 400-500 w (about medium-high), cooked eggs about eight minutes, and the tender heart egg about 7 minutes, about 6 minutes filter heart eggs.
Boiler is best but not for everyone, for kids, evaporate DanGeng, Egg drop soup suits most; and can lead to increased metabolism product and increase the burden of the kidney, in general, children and old man 1pc/day, teenagers and adults two pcs/day.
So isn’t it a very practical convenient baby for your family? Want to know more? Here: please.



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