Smart Remote Control makes your life easier



Recently my friend always complaint about that she always forgets to turn off the light, some times she need to go back home to turn off  lights or fans it is waste time and electric. if some things can work for this,  that would be wonderful. i think in this word there is nothing we cannot deal with. Something must be can work for this. So i search on line for long time. No pains no gains, I find Multifunctional GSM Cell Phone Remote Control Universal Power Socket is really nice things. so I bought one quickly and take it home.

i find that it is have more function than I thought.


Typical applications:


You can control the GSM switch through rings or short messages. It can control water heaters, electric motors, electric doors, lights, rice cookers and other appliances. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, easy and low-cost to control remote appliances:

•Wireless remote water pump

•Control the rice cooker in the office

•Wireless control lights, fans

•Wireless control power, audio and other equipment

•Feeding the family pet via the GSM switch

•Other household or industrial control applications


1. This product only works with 110V ~ 220V AC voltage range, can not be used in cars, or other voltage environment

2. Using the product should pay attention to moisture, limited to indoor use. Power does not work more than 2200W, inductive load power by half. Rated voltage is 110V-220V, please use in a safe environment, to ensure safety

Since we have this we needn’t worry about if we turn off the lights, just send message everything will be fine. It is so helpful in our life. With this our life is easier, so wonderful!

Want to know more, let is go for


By: Lucy


Date: 20/04/2012


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