How Fantastic the Samsung Galaxy S3 Is

As we all know The Samsung Galaxy S2 made an amazing good selling in past one year, the smart phone has got tremendous success and reached sky high demand rate. The dual core processor phone managed to receive pre-orders for 3 million Galaxy S2 units globally. In order to keep this tremendous success and find a market ready to sample more of what they previously had, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has just been released, and its spec list reads like a dream for tech enthusiasts.It is a fantastic smart phone as we ever go, now we will talk how fantastic it is, here we go;

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is well known for its features in particular. Among these is the screen, it is thanks to the large 5.3 inch size coupled with the stunningly high resolution of 800x 1280. It provides the Galaxy Note with the ability to provide great display quality for multimedia content, which making the touch screen usage very easy, especially with the included S-Pen. The Galaxy S3 also has a large screen, measuring up at 4.8 inches. This is smaller than the Note, but quite a step up from its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. Also, the resolution is slightly lower, but within the smaller screen dimensions, it is equally impressive in terms of display quality.

The Samsung galaxy s3 is expected to be the fastest phone in existence at the time it will be released. The galaxy s3 review further explains that the phone model may be the first quad core phone released yet. It will also set a new standard for RAM by offering a 2GB memory which is two times bigger than current popular handsets. This also means the Samsung galaxy s3 will offer both power and speed.

Also the Samsung Galaxy S3 offer a 8 megapixel resolution, and a package of image enhancing features ranging from LED flash, image stabilisation, auto and touch focus options and face detection. There is also a smart face recognition feature; after tagging a friend on Facebook, the camera will then recognise them and automatically tag them in future shots

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