Do not Worry about Losing keys Any More


I had made a survey on losing keys in our village yesterday. The analysis shows that one third of population has lost their keys a year ago. Now only one fifth populations have been still lost their keys. The rest have been stopped losing keys, because they began to use key finders.

I heard about it before, but I do not know it clearly. So I searched on websites. Then I found out much information.  

“Key Finders are small electronic devices used to recover misplaced or lost key sets. Key finders reduce the stress and time wasted frivolously searching for keys and personal items. A good, modern electronic Key Finder is usually unobtrusive, and will only beep on-demand, eliminating false alarms.”  

There is one of the key finders catching my eyes. It shows all its functions and the instructions of how to use it.

The first step is matching: Use a pen or needle to turn on the first keychain, it will beep constantly (“dee…dee…dee…”); push the button “A”, LED on, and the keychain will stop beeping after matching. Then, turn on the second keychain, and push button B, keychain will stop beeping after matching.

Second step: Finding: When you want to find the lost things, just push the corresponding button, and the keychain will sound alarm, you can find the lost thing by the alarm, alarm will last for 4 seconds every time, and then stop automatically.

So it is really easy to control it. But please make sure not push the button on the plane. Moreover, please remove batteries when stored for long periods of non-use. Furthermore, please check batteries regularly. Do not use this product when batteries are low. Do not submerse any part of this product in water or expose to moisture.

Maybe you can have a try.




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