Disappointing MP5 Player

I was a little skeptical about purchasing this player since it is made by a no-name company. In usual, buying cheap things with no brand name has been disappointing for me but I decided to take the plunge and buy it based on the reviews I have read about trait tech. I am very happy I took the gamble. This is really a nice player considering the price!

When I first got it I was impressed by the packaging. It looked nice and came with al the accessories. When I first held the player it felt alright, but it is not so solid and durable as the iPhone. Why compare the body to the iPhone? It is because the mp5 player is made to look almost identical to the iPhone in terms of shape, feel, and overall look but obviously that is where the similarities end.

I was very impressed by the wide variety of formats it plays. In the old days when I had other video players, they usually played a limited format or only one proprietary video format which required the dreaded and tedious process of conversion. This player is great because it easily plays a large amount of diverse formats with no problem at all. The mp5 player is also very easy to use-no conversion required.

Loading videos and music from my computer to the player is super easy. I love this. All we have to do is open the drive which corresponds to the player and copy and paste the video and mp3 files to the player.

In terms of battery lift, this remains a question mark since I just got this device and I really did not have a chance to really test it out. I will update this news after I test. So far I am happy with this player and I hope that it can take a lot of abuse like iPhone and other brand products.


By: Dora
MSN: dora@trait-tech.com



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