Reviews about Laser Barcode Scanner

Here is some reviews about laser barcode scanner I collected before:

1. ‘I bought this product to scan product barcodes into a worksheet or database at a hair salon. This was my first experience with barcode scanners, so it was experimental. I was intrigued by the low price. It comes with a small but intimidating booklet for setting parameters, but you probably will not need it unless you are doing something special. There is no setup program or disk. If you need to set special parameters, you scan barcodes from the booklet. I plugged it into the USB port on my laptop, pressed the trigger, and I was scanning barcodes of different types of products into notepad, excel immediately. It reads the barcodes instantly. Being restricted by a cord, it works better for point of purchase applications, where it is in close proximity to the PC. A cordless scanner would work better for product inventory and receiving purposes. I highly recommend this product for performing its basic function very well.’-Lucy.

2. ‘I purchased this scanner to inventory computers at a couple of customer sites. I attached it to my laptop with an extended USB cable and went to work. It was able to quickly scan the model number, serial number, and the customer asset tag without any issues. It has great scanning range and audible beep that is loud and clear. It worked flawlessly for my needs and was able to scan over 500 systems into the spreadsheet in just a couple hours.’-Steve.

3. ‘Working great. Well built and designed. Good price. I have entered over 100CDs into my music collector database and I have more to do. It has worked without a glitch.’-Alvin.

        Above are some comments which were written by users. After I got one from trait tech and test it, I will give real remarks for it. Sometimes the reviews are of great help for us.


By: Dora


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