The LED Keyboard’s Speech

You usually do not write articles on upcoming products, but after coming across me-Trait Tech keyboard, I thought it was worth a first-look. At first glance, I look like a normal QWERTY keyboard, but do not let the looks deceive you. I am actually the first keyboard that is still brighter in dark place.

If you are looking for a backlit keyboard for some time for a dark office, I am sure that I am the very one who can help you.

I will introduce myself with facts as below:

1. ‘This keyboard is great…layout is fine too. I feel nice to type. And it has an attractive design and absolutely no brand or logo anywhere to be seen (something I really like).’ Comment from my customer Howard.

2. ‘The back-lighting is awesome too…very adequate for a multimedia PC in a darker environment. The wonderful keys are neither too springy nor too soft, are great for typing and great for games too. The keyboard is plug-n-play on my Windows Vista machine. Keyboard itself is nicely compact, taking up less space than my previous keyboard.’ Review from my good customer John.

      3. ‘Wow. I can not believe I sat in the dark all these years without this. What a god send this keyboard is the best, everyone in my family wants one I love it, bright clear and even though it’s a bit smaller than the normal keyboard I have no problems adjusting.’ Rhoad commented.

     4. ‘I love this keyboard. It is a very basic keyboard. Not too fancy or anything, but it looks great. I also love the blue lights under the keys. It makes typing a lot easier in the dark. I also like how only the letters and stuff are only lit up and not the whole key.’ My new customer Luca remarked.

At last I want to say thanks to Trait Tech because it endows me these characters. Thank you, Trait Tech! That is all.

By: Dora



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